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10 Credos

1.      Our company is more pragmatic,your sales record represents your value.

2.      Take the honor and commissionwhen you resign, and we reference your good performance.

3.      Before you make a complaint,ponder over that under the same circumstance, how others achieve the goal.

4.      Our company prefers such asalesman: while encountering difficulties, he is a reason analyst, and evenmore a solution provider.

5.      The experience of yesterday mightbecome today's obstacle, never stop learning.

6.      The one and only value of asalesman is to create benefits for clients.

7.      Being refused becomes a part ofsalesman’s routine, only if you behave like a spring, you are able to rebound maximallyfrom frustrations.

8.      Successful salesmen around theworld have these four characters in common: love, confidence, wisdom, and morality.

9.      Diploma, background andexperience could be ignored, only contribution proves your worth.

10.  The way of competition: toprovide clients with valuable products and services.

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