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I just thought I would share my weight loss over the years. The before picture was not quite my heaviest, but very close! Most of my weight loss came from doing a LC way of eating. About 2 weeks after my 'After' photo (more like a work in progress) I started the Wheat Belly way of life and have lost an additional 16 pounds as of today. I love it and it has almost become second nature now. I hope to put another photo up soon to compare to this 'after' photo.

Here is the before.

Here is the after (Beginning of June)

Jan in Key West:
That's quite a transformation......congrats! Have you considered sending the photos to. Dr. Davis....he often posts pictures and related stories on FB?

I wasn't sure since most of my weight loss was low carb, but I suppose that pretty much means wheat free as well.

Lynda (Fl):
Fabulous progress, you look so good.  I bet you feel just as good, too.  Keep us posted, it's so encouraging to see stories like yours.


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