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Needing Help with Sugar & Re-Balancing

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I've read various things detailing how sugar can have a heroin-like effect on the brain.  I've always struggled with sugar even after going wheat-free. When I first started this WOE in February of this year the very occasional square of dark chocolate satisfied me. 

But during the past two months I've been taking care of my friend after her husband suddenly passed away, and things were extremely busy at work where 10 hour days have not been uncommon.  On top of everything I've battled two different infections - first a severe ear infection for three weeks which developed during a sinus cold.  Once the cold and ear infection went away I developed a throat infection which I suffered with for another three weeks before I gave in and took a second round of antibiotics.

After all of the emotional, physical and work stress I've found my sugar cravings spiralled out of control.  As in getting a headache and being physically jittery if I try to abstain from sugar even for a day.  I feel quite tired and miserable which leads me to crave more sugar. I've had a couple bad bad chocolate binges during the last month.

I'd very much welcome any suggestions for trying to detox from sugar and re-set my system.  I have started by taking a pro-biotic.  I only finished my second round of antibiotics a few days ago.

Thanks for any help and support  :)

Bob Niland (Boundless):
> As in getting a headache and being physically jittery if I try to abstain from sugar even for a day.

I have a similar reaction if I quit coffee cold, but find I can taper off it with no problem.

> I've had a couple bad bad chocolate binges during the last month.

There's not much problem with cacao per se. With most confections, the problem is the sugar. One thing to try might be to keep only safe formulations at hand.

We have 80+% cacao darks on hand at all times, but I often forget they are there. These usually meet WB net carb guidelines if you eat fewer than 1/4 of the bar per 6-hour period. You can also try:
which are stevia sweetened. I would skip the rice flavor.

Lily's also has 40% bars:
and stevia-sweetened baking chips:
which are a staple in cookies that we keep on hand pretty much continuously (although I tend to forget about them too).

For a shelf-stable portable LC (but not HF) snack, there is always Quest Bars, which are now appearing in ordinary grocery stores.

If you can't make the craving for sweet decline, provide it with safe alternative sweeteners, of which we have nice selection in 2014.

Barbara from New Jersey:
My take on this is that you need to supplement B vitamins, minerals like magnesium as well as the good quality probiotics to rebuild your gut biome.  The emotional/physical stress just weakened you enough to become ill and needing anti-biotics.  Rebuilding your health through proper clean food and the supplements should stop the sugar cravings.  Stevia, Swerve and a bunch more, can be used for a sweet taste instead of sugar.

Dr. David Perlmutter (Grain Brain) has developed a good quality line of supplements.  Dr. Carolyn Dean has excellent magnesium and minerals in liquid form.  Your recovery will be a lot faster using the recommended products by these two.  The reason is that these were formulated to be easily absorbed so you cells improve faster.

Thanks for the great advice everyone! I'm going to look for a good B complex vitamin and start taking my magnesium drink more regularly.  I have Natural Calm Magnesium powder which is ionic magnesium citrate and can be made as a tea or a cold drink, and it comes in several flavours which are sweetened with stevia, plus it's gluten and GMO free.

I was also doing some reading just now about L-glutamine being effective for dealing with sugar cravings, especially when those cravings are connected to stress (as mine are!).  I might consider trying that, as yes, I have been relying on willpower which is failing miserably lol.

Barbara from New Jersey:
Good Morning MissMel,

NaturalCalm is very good!  It is sweet and should help satisfy those cravings.  Google Dr. Dean and read some of her columns about magnesium.
You will be amazed at how it is an essential cofactor in hundreds of biochemical reactions in every cell of our body. 

Remember, you got sick because your body was depleted of these nutrients, whatever the cause.  It will take a while to build up your system again.
Keep us posted.


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