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Hi, I have not kept a diary for a long time. I hope I will be presistent enough with documenting. For a while (some three weeks) I have been without wheat - inspired by the WB book. At first I felt like I am on withdrawal and figured that this is how an alcoholic must feel. Now it is getting better, because I am beginning to feel the positive effects. I loose weight and I feel more energetic although the latter is not true today. I still feel tired from my journey to Italy (5 week vacation), and it is exhausting to be at school full-time, but I had wanted it.  ;D

In Bologna, where I am staying right now, so far I have to get impression that extremely difficult to eat at a restaurant, but I was pleased that grocery stores offer Kamut flour and Kamut pasta and that bakers offer Kamut bread. The wife of a nearby baker even was very interested in the WB book and wants to know the title in Italian, and another baker's wife, whom I know from last year, apparently has lost a lot of weight. I have to talk with her and find out what she did.

I am staying with an Italian family. I have only booked the nights and no meals, and that is good, because a) they are not much into cooking and b.) when they eat something, it is full of wheat. For diplomatic reasons I did not want to tell them why I am abstaining from wheat. I said "I often have headaches, and I get hunger without limitation and start having a fourth meal in the middle of the night whenever I eat wheat - so my doctor wants me to test whether I fare better without wheat". The husband of the family has a wheat belly, so I did not want to refer to the book.

I love your answer for why you abstain from wheat.
Sounds like you are doing very well so far. Keep up the great work.

Here Dr Davis' experience of eating the WB way while in Italy.

Today I found the WB book in Italian, but I do not know whether I want to buy it. I still have time to decide, but my Italian is still basic and there are all these medical terms. Well, I still have time to decide. But the baker's wife was very eager when I told her the title, and I think she will buy it. I had smoked salmon and one piece of Kamut bread for lunch and a small piece of Kamut bread and loads of fresh salad and a bit of pesto for dinner.
The mother of the lady of the house is visiting for one night. She is quite energetic and fit at around 75. We talked about the importance of buying good quality, and she was interested in seeing my microplane grater. I took my microplane grater to Italy.

Thanks for the link - VibeRadiant.

Did the microplane raise any eyebrows at the airport?


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