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Barbara from New Jersey:
I just came across a blog that discusses spiralized food, has recipes and techniques.  Very interesting and excellent to expand your menu.  Google "inspiralized" for the blog.  I can't seem to get the link to work right.

Linda R:

This seems to be working..........................

Barbara from New Jersey:
Thanks Linda!  I got the link to work after several tries.  Don't know why I  have so much trouble with this. 

I am intrigued by how pretty the stuff looks. On Amazon I found a food spiralizer which does not even take up much room. (I have to watch that point a bit as I do not have much space in the kitchen.) Some people even make spaghetti out of zucchinis.

I finally bought a spiralizer yesterday. It is an improved version. The gap between the blade and the plastic can be modified - at least on one of the blades. This is a youtube video:
It is in German, but you can see what it does.


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