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substitute for pasta?

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I don't want to get into the habit of a cheat day but I do love my pasta and wanted to know if pasta made strictly from rice is ok once in a blue moon? 

Barbara from New Jersey:

You would be much better off making spiralized vegetables (Zoodles) or eating Miracle Noodles made with konjac flour.  Rice is highly glycemic, has other qualities you want to avoid and should be eaten only in very small quantities for butyrate content (Cooked, cooled, reheated).

Spaghetti squash is really yummy.

And I agree with Barbara that zoodles work out great too. 

The Miracle Noodles are okay, but not my favorite..

deanna in AR:
I don't care for the Miracle Noodles. I do like the zoodles. I also like spaghetti squash.

I like spiralized veggies as a substitue for pasta. To date I had not heard of konjak flour, but when I googled the products, they look really strange. I do not want to taste them. When I did not have in my mind yet that buckwheat is high carb, I ate buckwheat noodles once, and they tasted really awful.


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