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It is so hard sometimes to eat out. I'm in (freezing) San Antonio for a conference.

I expected to have great difficulty finding something to eat at a restaurant chosen by a friend last night. Boudros Texas Bistro. I explained to the server what I needed and asked her about some menu items I had looked at and how they might modify them. She was ever so helpful and would say, "that wouldn't work for you," and then I came to a nice grilled flank steak with grilled vegetable salad and their house pico de gallo. She said that would be great and do I want them to leave off the grilled potatoes. Excellent. It was a beautiful piece of meat and delicious vegetables. The margaritas were excellent too--that was my splurge and she said that they use pure lime juice that has no added sugar. So while not such a good thing, not as bad as it could be. So I give Boudro's a big thumbs up.

Bob Niland (Boundless):
> ... margaritas ... they use pure lime juice that has no added sugar.

The lime juice is usually not the problem with margs. Most restaurant margs have tons of sucrose (and possibly HFCS) sugar simply added to the mix. The Jose Cuervo mix, for example, has 24g sugars per serving. Many mx recipes call for 2-4 tbsp of sugar.

The next problem is the Triple Sec, or whatever fruity liqueur is used. It's nearly a sugar syrup, and might add another 10 grams. Yeah, you can get sugar-free TS (Monin), but it's sucralose.

I occasionally make a marg, using orange (fresh, extract or zest), fresh squeezed limes and lemons, stevia and tequila. Stevia really works well with citrus-heavy recipes.

It's going to be some time before you can order a marg like that. And the typical Mexican restaurant has much bigger problems with the egregious wheat and corn content of their recipes. They need to address that first.

I knew it had triple sec, but it was yummy.

I'm a sucker for a good marg too, Lila. They were a frequent downfall for me over the holidays. But if you can get them to leave out the mix and use only fresh lime juice, I think it makes a reasonably significant difference. And when I can, I get it made with Patron Citronage, a less-syrupy option in place of triple sec. But right now I'm in the middle of "Drynuary". Le sigh.   

deanna in AR:
I almost never have a margarita now...they just taste soooo sweet. But Hungry, yours sounds good.


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