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Linda R:
I live with 2 feline buddies. TayTay is at least 10 yo, came from a no-kill shelter, and, other than a very occasional hair ball, is not a barfer.

Harley was abandoned in the street near my house as a very tiny kitten, I adopted him and he's been my guy ever since. Once he became an adult, the barfing began, and needless to say, I had tried all brands of cat food. [They both prefer the dry type.] I tried all the Purinas, Meow Mix, Friskies, Iams and Rachael Ray's newest addition to the cat food market, with crappy results. I was never sure if he simply ate too much, or too fast, or what. Since he became the dominant male soon after he arrived, I didn't feel it was a power struggle.

Then, about 2 months ago, when shopping for cat food, I saw a new item on the shelf from Purina called "Beyond", and in bold lettering it declared GRAIN FREE.

Well, what do you know.....................

Bought a bag, tried it out on Harley first, and when the other cat food was gone, fed it to both of my guys.

I am happy to report that the barfing that has gone on for three years or so has nearly stopped. There is just the occasional incident but I think those are due to hair balls as well.

What a relief! There is no joy in getting up in the morning to see barf waiting to be cleaned up, AGAIN, on my carpets and/or linoleum.

And why do they put grains in cat food anyway?!?!? ??? ??? ???

BTW That's Harley's baby pic as my avatar.

Wow.  Talk about a testimonial for grain-free pet food!

Linda R:
  What size bag does this new food come in? Would like to try this on my cat also.

Linda R:
I have found both 3lb and 5lb bags.

Here you go....................

Bob Niland (Boundless):
For carnivore and omnivore pets, grain-free needs to be at the top of the checklist.

But don't forget to check the overall macronutrient balance, and the quality of the protein. Most cat and dog food is way too high in carbs, even if grain-free.


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