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I find that the wheat free diet, especilally 100% grain free part, hard to stick to. Could I be 100% grain free on Monday Wednesday, Friday and a "normal" moderate die on Tueday, Thursday  and Saturday. Would that help in weight loss, but at a slower rate?

Bob Niland (Boundless):
In a word, no. Dr. Davis blogged on exactly this 2 years ago at:
Safe sex . . . on weekends only

For those acutely sensitive to gluten-bearing grains, once off it for a while, any re-exposure can be quite distressing. For the rest of us, Dr.D's remarks apply.

What exactly is making it hard?

Barbara from New Jersey:

By being grain free every other day, your body never gets a chance to heal the destruction caused by grains.  You are still ingesting poisons.


Welcome to the WFF.  You will find lots of
suggestions for things to substitute for foods
you just don't want to go without.  We all
get it.

But saying you would still like to eat wheat
is saying that you don't believe Dr Davis.
What is it that you disagree with?

Bill, It is not so much the wheat, it is the rice and the other grains(oatmeal for breakfast). What about the occasional dessert?


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