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Week 8 grain free


hi all, I'm now 8 weeks into a grain free life.....and I'm amazed with the results ! I have fibromyalgia and decided to go grain free to reduce the inflammation....and therefore the pain.....and it has worked. I do still have pain.....but it's much more manageable ....I haven't used any medication since I started. I have also lost 21 8 weeks !😜 I just wish I new about wheat belly sooner. Never before could I eat breakfast .....and not be hungry for 6...or 7 hours....I find my grain free life has been a life changing event and can't wait till next months  weigh in......Dr. Davis.....should be a Nobel prize winner in my humble opinion 😃

Deena - thank you for sharing your good results, that is wonderful news indeed! 

And congrats on staying the course, it will only get better and better, so worth it in the long run.

Best wishes going forward, and please keep us in the loop, why not start a journal if you have time, I find it good to have a diary of sorts to see what all you go through over time.


Barbara from New Jersey:

Welcome and glad you are joining us.  The longer you are grain and sugar free, the better you will feel.  Don't forget the probiotics and supplements Dr. Davis recommends.  They do make a difference.


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