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I'm thinking of blending up shredded unsweetened coconut into coconut butter for my coffee.  Now I'm using the creamy stuff in the canned coconut milk and that's palatable ... not quite dairy cream, but close.  But was wondering about using coconut butter.  Anyone tried that?  I need to stay away from dairy stuff (except hard cheese)...but in all of the creamers I've tried, I can't find one that comes close to cream, except this white coconut stuff in the can.  I'm thinking coconut butter might make the coffee coconut-tasting!  :-X   Which is OK, I like coconut.  If I used coconut butter, might could give up real butter.  Thoughts?

Lynda (Fl):
I've never tried it, but coconut and coffee sound good together.  It has plenty of fat, so should work for that morning pick up.

Barbara from New Jersey:

Grace Products makes  Creamed Coconut which I have purchased at Whole Foods and at Walmart.  Artsana Organic Coconut Butter is also good for coffee. I found this in a local supermarket.  A little goes a long way in your coffee. Sometimes you come across recipes for creamed coconut or coconut butter (same product but different names which adds to the confusion).  These are the same as the "cream" on top of the can of coconut milk.  I often add them to any recipe calling for coconut milk (in addition to the coconut milk) because it makes the dish richer tasting.  Check the web sites for a store near you.  It is much less expensive this way.

Although I use whole grass fed milk in my coffee, I have used creamed coconut and it tastes fine to me.  Sometimes there is a hint of coconut, but most often there isn't. 

Barbara, thanks for the suggestions!  I'll look at WalMart next time I'm in there.

Chris Taylor:
By adding coconut butter in coffee can be a better taste. Mostly fat. But it would all be healthy.


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