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We are getting close to a couple of milestones in my family!

Almost 12 months since we watched Dr. Perlmutter and his Grain Brain changed our lives. It was after reading his book that I began reading Wheat Belly, WBTH, etc. I actually read Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book first, waiting for WB to return to the library. Although it had some good information on avoiding wheat(for Celiacs) I knew a lot of her recipes and recommendations were off, since she used a LOT of GFJ(gluten free junk)!

As a family of 3, we have lost 100 lbs or more! I do not have a starting wt on my son, but all of his shirts are loose, where they used to stretch around his waist, and he is down at least 2 jean sizes. 

My son picked up this WOE on his own ( he is 29, lives with us, eats dinner here, but the rest of the meals are on his own). He started feeling WAY better after just not eating carbs at dinner that he cut them out in the rest of his meals, too.

Yesterday, my DH actually walked up the driveway to the old barn( about 1/4 mile, with a hill), and back. A year ago, this was unheard of. He would get in the truck, or tractor, and drive. Made me crazy! I am a hiker, lol! But now, he has the energy to do this, and While it is easy to credit the weightloss, I don't believe that is the real reason. The energy is Now getting to his cells.

Lynda (Fl):
What a  wonderful story, Greentree, thank you for sharing with us.  I bet your DH really enjoyed that walk and what an intelligent son you raised!  My son is coming around slowly to my way of eating'; his insane mother isn't so insane after all.  You have given such a gift to your loved ones.

Barbara from New Jersey:
Congrats Greentree!

I agree totally with Lynda's comment.  It gets even better the longer you are sugar and grain free.   :)   While your friends and family start whining about their  "conditions", you and yours will be feeling great with no or only minor "conditions" and few, if any, meds.  Giving yourself and your family the gift of continued good health is  wonderful and you are sure reaping the rewards! 

Jan in Key West:
Greentree......that is awesome....12  months, you're in!

Barbara NJ...having been my MIL's caregiver for 12 years,  I am well versed in the meds and conditions :P . She has been diabetic since 1974, had quad bypass, valve replacement, then a mild stroke, etc., and ALWAYS did EXACTLY what the Dr. told her.

She takes more pills in one day than I take in a week (mine are supplements). 95% are for side effects of other drugs. I once told her that if I were her, I would only take the meD for blood sugar, the rest, I would throw in the trash, just to SEE what happened. 

But, I would not take that blood sugar med, either, I would fix the problem AT the SOURCE......


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