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Hi - I'm new and I'm excited to begin


My name is Shelly and I am from Canada, province of New Brunswick.  I'll be turning 53 early this year.  I have been a dieter for most of my adult life.  Far too many Mondays starting a diet.  Some were met with success, but whatever I lost, I regained and then some.  I have tried low carb diets and find that I am absolutely successful with them, but have never made it a life-style change.  It's time to find out what the Wheat Belly way of living is about. 

I'm excited to begin and scared all at the same time.  I want to 'get it' that this will have to be a life-style change and not a diet to lose weight...although that is what brings me here.  I have recently purchased 4 books (can you say big or go home? but yet I'm overwhelmed by all the reading I will have to do):  Wheat Belly, Wheat Belly Cookbook, Wheat Belly 30 minutes or less cookbook, and his latest one (?) Wheat Belly 10 Day Grain Detox.  Haven't read anything yet, but I am certainly armed to!

This is my very stop in the different topics covered by this forum, but just wanted to stop and say hello.  If you're reading this; thank you.  I know I will learn lots from reading questions and answers here and am sure I will have some of my own.

Looking forward to feel good mentally and physically and feeling good about the body I have.  Wish me luck!  :-) 

Welcome Shelly, it's nice to see new faces!  It's good that you are familiar with low carb way of eating, that helps for sure.  Wheat free - and actually grain free eating - is so much easier, because once you wean yourself from the addictive grains, the cravings are gone and this WOE is very easy.  There is much information here, for sure, and if you're on Facebook, there are many groups and much helpful information, too.  Do check out Keto Kristie, if you're so inclined, she has some great videos with recipes and advice, and she just opened her private group on Facebook, all you have to do is join!

Best to you, Barb

Welcome to the forum!  Glad you can join us.  We want to help support you.   

Here's a thread that might be helpful on dinner ideas:,26.0.html

Welcome, Shelley!!

There is more than an encyclopedia of knowledge on this forum, so reading can here can really take a while! Then you start to follow links(be sure to remember to bookmark them, so you can go back to them!), and get lost out there....not that I have done that before, haha!

Read, clean out the pantry and fridge, then go to the store and stock up on veggies and meat.

I recommend Paleo cookbooks and websites for recipes, if you like to cook. The "gluten-free" cookbooks have too much junk that requires working pasta, gf bread crumbs, etc. Paleo uses none of that.

To your health!!

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