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.i get it that people are trying to help, but I feel like everything I post in MY DIARY is wrong.  I'm done.  I'll stick with other sites that *feel* more friendly. 

If I had a question and wanted input I asked it.  I thought my diary was a safe place to record what I was doing. 

Have a good life and maybe don't be so quick to comment on people's diaries. 

I have removed my personal posts from this.


Please let me gently tell you that you still do not
understand what it takes to do what you need
to do.

There is never a time to use wheat for a meal.
There are other things to eat for your comfort
and memories.

Pizza Hut?  You must not get it at all.

It appears like you fear eating fat.  Chicken
breast is about the lowest fat to meat you can
get.  Ranch dressing is probably bad seed
oils.  A better choice is full fat sour cream with onion
powder.  Tastes about the same.  Applesauce?
That is sugar.  Do you understand that?  It
doesn't matter if it has added sugar or not.  The
applesause itself is completely sugar to your
body.  Same for an orange.  It is completely
sugar to your body.  The nutrient value is so
low as to be almost non-existent.   Certainly
not worth the sugar load.

Give the kid butter and meat.  That's all he
needs.  His brain needs that.  Why complicate
things?  Butter and meat.  That's it.  More
butter than meat.  He will flourish on it. Cheese
sticks are fine, too.  But don't displace the
meat with them.  Fatty meat.

You must understand that if you don't embrace
eating much much more fat (including saturated
fat) your little sojourn into the wheatbelly/LCHF
way of eating will be a complete failure.  You
will have two rebelling family members on your
hands.  You too must eat much more fat to

No cheating with wheat, ever.

Oh, how I wish you would take these recommendations
to heart. 

For more info, please check out

I do wish you the best.

Glad you are starting a diary.   I remember cleaning out my fridge and cupboards too, and throwing away canola oil, and lots of condiments.   It's good to have a fresh start.

Barbara from New Jersey:
Dr. David Perlmutter MD has a blog site which discusses the importance of probiotics for everyone, especially autistic children.  You may want to read his articles and eventually his books: Grain Brain and also Brain Maker. 

Barbara from New Jersey:


You are really helping to recover your health!  Doing great!

Butter is your friend.  Organic, cultured butter from grass fed cows should be a staple in your home.  Make or buy ghee for higher heat saute's on meats or vegetables.  Really delicious and adds lots of flavor to everything.  You can season the butter for even more flavor. 

As time goes on, you will learn where and how to shop for the most value for your food dollars.  In the last 3 years since I started this way of eating, I have found that many supermarkets, farmer's markets and other smaller food stores are carrying the meat, poultry, fish, dairy and vegetables I want to eat: free range, organic, grass fed etc.  Don't forget to check the site for the quality of your poultry and eggs. 


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