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I really didn't drop off the earth....

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Hey-- I ducked out because I was spending much too much time on social media.

A side effect from not interfacing with like-minded people was that I kind of got off track. Stayed wheat-free, but having French fries once per week turned into twice per week turned into three times per week. Gained back about 15 pounds between eating cooked potatoes and tortilla chips on occasion together with some (quite wonderful) travel experiences.

After a trip to Africa and 6 weeks of antimalarial antibiotics, I'm trying to get back on track and just finished Dr. Davis' 10 day detox just before two weeks of conference + vacation. It really helped to interface with the private Facebook group. I gave this forum a very favorable plug--you guys are so knowledgable and supportive, I wanted to share this resource with folks who might need help after the 10 days. On the 10 day detox, I lost 4 pounds but really disconnected from the need to stop on my way home for French fries because I was hungry.

Had a most wonderful educational trip to South Africa and Namibia in May--it was probably the greatest trip I've ever had. I have a conference in Denver next week and then DH and I are headed to Grand Teton Nat'l Park and Yellowstone.

Hope all of you are doing well! I'll post again when I can.

Barbara from New Jersey:
Glad to hear from you Lila!

I wanted you to know that your discussion of turnips had a very big influence on me.  I never ate them because I didn't know how to prepare them.  You started the discussion here and now I prepare them on occasion, more often in winter.  I try to be  careful to keep my carb intake low.

Experiencing the food on these fabulous journey's must be delightful.  I hope you will be willing to share them like you did with turnips.   

deanna in AR:
Hi Lila...good to hear from you again. We missed you and wondered what happened to you!

Barbara, I can't find the discussion and don't remember the info on turnips. I searched but most references appeared to be recipes. Do you have the link? Thanks!

Barbara from New Jersey:

I seem to remember that the discussion of turnips was mainly that they were considered much too high in carbs for people just starting out this WOE.  Lila had gone to a conference and they were serving mashed or fried turnips. Many of us never really ate turnips before and has no idea how to cook them.  It was recommended that you try to purchase the white-purple smaller turnips with their greens.  The greens are delicious sauteed like you would cook spinach or kale.  The small white and purple turnips were cooked like you would cook potatoes.  They are fairly inexpensive, seasonal and readily available. 

The forum discussion further indicated that turnips are not rutabagas!  Rutatbagas are wax coated, grapefruit sized and very hard to cut.  They are related to the smaller white-purple ones., but not the same.  While tasty when cooked properly, these can smell up your house. if cooked too long, like cabbage.

I always think of Lila and this forum whenever I fix turnips.  I don't eat them often, but do enjoy them during the cold weather.  Now I am not nearly as strict with the 50 carb daily limit Dr. Davis suggests and I do eat more root veggies which increases carb intake but eat them in a limited manner. 

deanna in AR:
Thanks for the info Barbara. My favorite is turnips roasted in the oven with butter, salt & pepper...uncovered, at about 375-400. I also like to add one to soup for a nice flavor.


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