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My fibromyalgia


Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, and am on the verge of going wheatfree.  I was diagnosed with FM in May, after 7 years of pain, fatigue, and general illness. I also have osteoarthritis in my knees and hands.   I have also had gut problems for a large part of my life.  I had a laparotomy when I was 16 years old for an almost perforated appendix, following which the surgeon told me that he had had 'everything out' and given it a good check!!!   I have dabbled with elimination diets, and have definitely identified potatoes, lentils, peas and beans as being troublesome, particularly causing itching and increased pain.  I am a 60 year old retired physio, so have kept myself active throughout my life, but is becoming increasingly difficult.  All advice welcome. . . . .

Bob Niland (Boundless):
Sandi: to this forum...

Welcome aboard.

re: ... on the verge of going wheatfree.

What reference information informs your choices?

For "why", might I recommend Wheat Belly Total Health (Davis, 2014). For "just do it", Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox (Davis, 2015).

re: I have also had gut problems for a large part of my life.

There's more than just wheat afoot on that. Dysbiosis is an unrecognized pandemic, resulting from pervasive prescription, OTC/topical/oral and second-hand antibiotics, plus microbiome antagonists pretending to be food (including wheat, but also processed food ingredients like artificial sweeteners and emulsifiers), and standard diets low in prebiotic fiber. The 2014+ WB books cover it.

re: I had a laparotomy when I was 16 years old for an almost perforated appendix, following which the surgeon told me that he had had 'everything out' and given it a good check!!!

Does that imply that you had an appendectomy? Until quite recently, consensus medicine considered the appendix to be a vestigial organ, but it is now thought to have an important role as a reservoir of gut flora, allowing us to repopulate after upsets, illnesses, adverse foods and periods of insufficient prebiotic substrate. It may turn out that anyone without an appendix needs to be extra mindful of their gut flora population, and perhaps use probiotics more often. Wheat Belly publications don't yet have a posture on this.

A family member had distressing symptoms consistent with FM, and actually figured out that wheat was a major antagonist prior to the publication of the original Wheat Belly (2011). Going grain-free, low-net-carb, high-specific fat, and attending to both common micronutrient deficiencies and gut flora has made a dramatic difference.

Aspartame is also a major suspect in the family case. The FM (or FM-like) symptoms appeared after a period of working a night shift and drinking a lot of diet pop.
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Barbara from New Jersey:
Welcome Sandi!

Try to explore the many topics on this site.  You will find that your "tastes" change and foods which used to taste good to you, no longer are something that you want to continue eating.  The longer you are grain and sugar free, the better you feel.  FM is considered an auto-immune disease which Dr. Amy Myers explains in her recently published book "The Auto-immune Solution".  This is an excellent, easy to read and understand description of how and why auto-immune issues develop.  The books Bob has recommended are also excellent and should be your first step in the process of regaining your health.

Dr. Davis has an excellent blog site and this forum is an offshoot of that.

Best wishes to you! 

Welcome to the forum Sandi.   I think going wheat free will be an excellent choice.   Autoimmune issues generally start in the gut.   

I find that turmeric and ginger work well for pain.   Also look into noni for your fibromyalgia.

Rita: what is noni? Never heard of it.
Been trying turmeric here & there (love it on scrambled eggs) & find that it does help with pain. Haven't used ginger yet, except to help with an upset stomach, which is a rare thing with me anyway.

Have had fibro for years, & since doing wheat belly, find that most of the pain has been nearly gone since then. Happy about that. Won't say it's a "cure", but results like this are better than nothing. I'll take what I can get, lol.



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