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Barbara from New Jersey:
I was fascinated that Dr. Doulliard recommends the spice called fenugreek as a tea or supplement for spring cleaning of your lymphatic system.  This is very inexpensive to purchase. 

In checking my spice cabinet, I found a jar of it.  It is a bittersweet flavor, most commonly found in Indian and Ethiopian foods.  It has a maple flavor-essence and is delicious when combined with coriander, cumin or paprika.  Tomatoes also enhance the bittersweet flavor. Most often lemons or limes are used to offset the bittersweet flavor. It is often used in small amounts with recipes calling for rich, complex gravies and sauces.  If you like the cuisine from southern India, you will like using fenugreek.  They also use fresh or dried leaves as well as the seed. 

Thanks Barbara.  I've been wondering about it as well.  I also have it in my spice cabinet, but I don't think I've every used it.

I just mixed some fenugreek powder from my spice cabinet with hot water to make a tea.   Not bad, but not good.  Definitely something I would just drink for medicinal purpose.

I can see how the spice would mix well with something else though.

Barbara from New Jersey:

Fenugreek is rarely used alone.  It is usually combined with several other spices as a cooking sauce.  I'm wondering if there are grades of this spice and which grade is used for the tea? Maybe the tea has other ingredients in the teabag to make it more flavorful? Perhaps it needs to be sweetened and a few drops of lemon juice added?  Like you, I didn't find this in a local store so I  purchased a bottle of the pills. The spice must be difficult to digest because the directions are to take this with a meal.

Wow! I actually have an old recipe for fenugreek.
Slice fresh ginger root into coins, and add to pot of water with licorice root and fenugreek. Bring to a boil, turn off heat and let sit 15 minutes.
I use this for a sore throat. No sugar is even needed with the licorice root sweetness.
Got the recipe from a witch... Well, she said she was a witch. :)


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