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Hello, I'm new and have questions!


Hi, my name is Jason.  After dealing with Lyme for a while and getting better from herbal protocols, I starting experiencing stomach pain. My doctor, after running an IgG test found I am highly wheat sensitive.

I have been off wheat twice for a bout a week (I'm 5 days in this time) and each time I get horrible mood swings, loss of appetite, and worsening of early morning awakenings. My stomach pain even gets worse.

The odd thing is last time I reintroduced wheat after about a week, most of these symptoms went away.  But after the diagnosis, I was told to stay off wheat for 6 months.  And symptoms came back.

I've read this is temporary but I am very frustrated and sad by this whole thing. Plus, I'm going on a cruise in 2 weeks with my parents, wife, and two little kids (Exciting) but am not super excited because of this wheat withdral thing.

Anyway, that's the short version of my story.


Alcohol is bad for some people, but that doesn't
mean they don't get withdrawal symptoms when
going off it and feel better when they resume it. 
Could be the same with you.  Best of luck.

Welcome to the forum Jason.  Sorry you are having such withdrawal symptoms.

What is your replacement diet?   I would suggest upping your good fats, as you might be low on energy.   Add lots of real butter (not margarine) to your veggies.  Avocados, bacon and eggs are great too.   


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