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Abnormal retention of fluid in the body...

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Hello Everyone

I'm just considering having a go at being wheat free or grain free (having looked at Dr Davis's new WB book) but it will be a big ask for me because I love bread and have it for lunch pretty much every day. But my weight seems to be out of control (though I don't overeat) and my body is retaining an abnormal amount of excess fluid - it's like a life jacket round my back and under my arms and is getting so bad that it is starting to head down my back.....(sorry if that is TMI for some of you).
I'm a Lady of a Certain Age and my hormones are well and truly scrambled so that won't help matters.

What I was wondering was; have any you had this type of symptom before you started to be WF? And did it disappear when you continued the WOE?
Any thoughts you have, that might help, will be appreciated.

Barbara from New Jersey:
Yes, most of us lost weight and regained our health by eliminating grains and sugar from our diets.  We also found that eating certain high fats and keeping our carbohydrate intake to 50 carbs daily worked well for most of us.  We drank 1/2 our body weight in ounces of chemical free water daily, although some of this might have been in tea or lemonade.  Sweeteners were changed as well, even though we lost most of our taste for sweets.

There are many delicious recipes posted here and many questions and discussions of experiences on the older blogs.  Your situation is not unusual.
If this is a rapid and recent fluid retention, please see a doctor.  Changing your diet to a more natural one will help any condition.  Dr. Davis has a program called Curality which will guide you through these changes.

Your love of grain products also provides a large dose of glysophate and other herbicides/pesticides which are rather harmful to humans, animals, insects and soil.  It is well established that these chemical further enhances the permeability of your intestines. 

You will never know how filled with vibrant energy you can be unless you try to eat healthier foods.

Good answer.

Great answer from Barb.  I might also add that you might consider increasing your magnesium.   A lack of magnesium can cause fluid retention.

Hello folks
Thanks for taking the time to answer my query especially you Barbara. I am a bit worried when you say 'if the fluid retention is recent then see a doctor'; what are you thinking of? I don't have a great deal of time for GP's, so it's a rare occasion indeed that I cross their doors and let's face it most of them would think this WOE is akin to voodoo.

I am going to have a good look back at old posts to see other peoples experiences to try to give me the enormous push I need to actually have a concerted try at this WOE; I don't want to do the 10 day fast and then lapse back to 'normal' eating.

Interestingly, the other day I had no bread for lunch and no other grains in my meals (that I know of); I ate my breakfast the next day - again not grains - and had the most uncomfortable cramps which is very unusual for me. I have ordered four of Dr Davis's books and have been reading about the kind of detox reactions people can experience. I did wonder if that was the reason for my cramps - Lordy if that is the case after one day only then imagine what my symptoms could be if I went on the 10 detox?

If I'm correct in my suspicion; then it would suggest that I have a real problem with the 'ordinary' diet I am following.


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