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Plant-Based Diets, Micronutrients and Mental Health

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Worth a read:

Read it.  Loved it.  Our show will be on it on Saturday:

3:30 PM Pacific time.  Every Saturday.  You can hear
past shows and we have lots of stuff on our website:

About 2 hours from now.

I'm bummed I wasn't around to hear the show.

Okay, set your alarms.  Our program is in 5.5 hours.
3:30 PM Pacific time.  Today, we deconstruct a nutrition

If you miss our program, just go to our website:

We're getting lots of programs posted there.  They're
all less than 30 minutes long.  I find that I can't
concentrate on podcasts of much longer durations.

Let us know how you like them and if you have a
topic you'd like us to address.


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