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MCT Oil Powder vs Coconut Oil


OK, I'm confused.  And by the way, I still check in here several times a week.  Hoping chat picks up...maybe this will help!  :)   I'm confused about the new MCT oil powder food element that seems all the rage.  How about if I ate just coconut oil with each meal, instead of spending extra money on the MCT oil powder?  I see Dr. Davis is now including this powder in his prebiotic shakes and in a recent muffin recipe he posted.  Any comments on which is the best thing to do?  The powder is kind of pricey, but I eat coconut oil every day, and could increase that if it would help.  Thanks to all!!

I'm just not sure that oil should be turned into a powder.

Barbara from New Jersey:
This is supposed to be a concentrated form of the caprylic acid and lauric acid which gives you the energy boost and creamy taste of bullet proof coffee.  I remember Dave Asprey selling an expensive formulation of MCT oil which had this extra concentration of these acids.  Seems that the powdered form can be used as a coffee creamer with just stirring, no need to whip it.  Wheat Free Market Foods sent me an email that it is going to offer this creamer in its product line. 

Instead of using the MCT oil for bulletproof coffee, I've been using it to make a version of Mary's Oil (Weston Price Foundation) which is equal parts of each: MCT (or melted coconut oil), toasted sesame oil and avocado oil.  This is a flavorful high temperature cooking oil with a good omega 3-6 ratio.  I use a former olive oil bottle as my container.  While this oil is shelf stable, I store the opened containers of sesame and avocado oils in my refrigerator because I don't use them that often and this increases shelf life. 

This works well in stir fry's and for roasting vegetables which is becoming very popular.  My coconut oil is always in a solid state here in NJ so I use it for most items I put in a pan.  The liquid Mary's oil comes in handy when I want to coat something prior to cooking it.  I really miss sautéing everything in olive oil, but have adopted the use of temperature guidelines when I prepare meals.  After all, with the efforts placed on eating clean, why use an oil which quickly becomes rancid?

So I can still use coconut oil in my cooking...not sure I'll get the MCT oil powder.  Doesn't seem like something I'd use.  Thanks for your comments!


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