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Ate 3 small cubes of cantaloupe the other day.  Keep trying to attach a picture but it is not working.  They were maybe 1/2 inch long by 1/2 inch.  Got such a bad craving today for pasta (which) I haven't had since April.  Actually started boiling water, but caught myself and ate a piece of fish instead.  Can't believe that those three small cubes could induce that much of a craving.  Either there is more sugar in cantaloupe than I realized or I am very sensitive to sugar even in small doses.  Any thoughts?

"...there is more sugar in cantaloupe than I realized or I am very sensitive to sugar even in small doses."
[/size]Yes to both.

Wow! I really will have to be careful then. The good news is I didn't waiver. I'm up to a 26 lb. loss and the only thing that isn't falling into place yet is a good night's sleep.

Barbara from New Jersey:
The same thing happens to me!  I rarely eat any fruit, but was handed a basket of mangoes this summer.  Oh my they were delicious!  All of a sudden I started craving more carbs, especially breads.  I didn't succumb, but that was only because after nearly 5 years of eating the Wheat Belly way, there wasn't anything in my pantry to satisfy those cravings.  I did make pancakes from the Wheat Belly Cookbook, but didn't even have any syrup.  Used the Wheat Free Market sweetener.

I have noticed that cherries were delicious this year.  I ate a few and was more than satisfied.  Peaches, plums, nectarines and other summer fruits were basically mealy and tasteless.  I started buying 1 or 2 if they looked good, but they rotted before they ripened and were so tasteless that I wasn't even tempted to buy them anymore.  The cantaloupes and other melons were mealy and tasteless. Organic strawberries and blueberries were fine, but I was neutral about eating them.  Papayas and mangoes are delicious, but really sweet and should be eaten only occasionally if at all.  Ayurvedic Medicine believes that seasonal foods are best and the sweet fruits of summer are appropriate to eat.  With winter coming, fruits are less available naturally and so shouldn't be eaten.  I find that I need to drink a lot of water and lower my carb intake drastically when I eat a small amount of mango or papaya.  I will often freeze the slices into very small portions. 

Thanks Barbara! My pantry no longer has anything that is carb loaded but I'm staying with a friend as I am between apartments. She had pasta in her pantry. Luckily, I shut off the pot of water and didn't sucumb. Oddly this craving hit me immediately on waking from a nap. I'm sticking to my berries, an occassional apple, and half a green banana. I switch these up every so often.


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