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Barbara from New Jersey:

Dr. Robert Lustig was interviewed by Dr. David Perlmutter recently.  Dr. Lustig's new book Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar discusses the dopamine-serotonin cycle and how sugar is addictive and really causes havoc in people.  Some people are more susceptible to the behavioral changes and the pursuit of pleasure caused by sugar.  It is an interesting discussion.

I am amazed at how just the smallest bite of something with sugar makes me crave more.  Anything with hidden fructose does the same.  The longer I am sugar free, the stronger it seems the effects are on my brain.  I use organic stevia to sweeten coffee and Swerve or Virtue for any of the few homemade baked goods I eat.  I think my diet has been low carb/ketogenic long enough that even the high amounts of carbs from some of those mixes or baked goods available readymade in supermarkets can trigger a craving for more starchy carbs. 

Can't wait to read the book!  He explains how behavior changes when the dopamine-serotonin cycle is out of balance.  This includes so much of the irrational things people do, hot headed emotion among other self defeating behaviors.  No wonder the news is filled with so many bizarre reports of horrid behavior.

Hey Barbara...thanks for the post. Definitely want to read the book. Every little bit helps! :)

Amazing! I truly should be cautious at that point. The uplifting news is I didn't waiver. I'm up to a 26 lb. misfortune and the main thing that isn't becoming alright yet is a decent night's rest.


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