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Author Topic: Another example of corporate money is influencing nutrition science  (Read 797 times)


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In Asia’s Fattest Country, Nutritionists Take Money From Food Giants
When the food industry funds nutritionists, critics say it subverts science to preserve its market.

"KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Over the past three decades this increasingly prosperous nation has become the fattest country in Asia, with nearly half the adult population now overweight or obese." [...] 

"Among the published articles was one that concluded that children who drank malted breakfast beverages — a category dominated in Malaysia by Milo, a sugary powder drink made by Nestlé — were more likely to be physically active and spend less time in front of a computer or television."


"According to their annual accounting reports, the nutrition society has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from industry, including at least $188,000 from Nestlé and Cereal Partners Worldwide — a joint venture between Nestlé and General Mills — for the breakfast study. It has also received at least $44,000 directly from Nestlé for other projects and collaborations; about $11,000 from the dairy industry; $10,000 from the artificial sweetener company Ajinomoto, which makes aspartame; and at least $40,000 from Philips Avent, the baby and consumer products company, for projects related to infant and maternal nutrition."

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