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Barbara from New Jersey:
I've recently come across a new web site with wonderful recipes.  It is keto style, but the recipes are low carb and very tasty.  I've tried several of them and am really enjoying roasted radishes as a substitute for potatoes and the recipe for gnocchi.  The web site is:

I can't get this site to work properly so please use your search engine to find it.


Hi Barbara!!  :)  long time no see ... I've been busy busy busy, but check in every once in a while, if I can't find a recipe and then remember I posted it here.  Nice to have that archive!

I think you might be looking for Nom Nom Paleo?  Her website is   If that's not the one, then I don't know lol!

I am baking that birthday cake I made for Hudson on his first birthday back in 2013 (boy - time is flying!! it was such a winner and easy for a baby to eat) for my second grandson ... yes, he will be 1 yo already in March, he was born a day before my birthday and he is just the cutest little guy ever, we enjoy him so much.

So, hope all is well with you, and forgive my intrusion here ... but it's always nice to see what you guys are up to!  Not much time in my life right now for being online, all I do is read recipes if I want to bake something. 

Take good care, and hi to everyone,
Barb :)

Never mind - found it   it's a new one to me too, will have to take a look later on!

Barbara from New Jersey:
Hi BarbinNC!

Nice to hear from you too!  Glad things are going well for you and yours.  Like you, those keto recipes for breads, cakes, scones, cookies and other items are easy to make and taste good too.  Even Wheat Free Market Foods has some good ones so check their web site.  Wow! we sure did post a lot of great recipes, didn't we? 

One of the older ones is a chocolate zucchini cake which is delicious, moist and very satisfying just in case you get a bit bored with your current cakes. It was from Linda's Low Carb recipes.   I agree with you about "All Day I Dream About Food" recipes.  Most are excellent and minimally fussy. 

I'm finding that there seems to be a new generation of recipes worth looking at.  Never too late to learn another way of preparing food!

I corrected the nom nom link in your post Barbara.   

And great to hear from you BarbinNC.  It's been a long time.  Hope all is well in your world.

Barbara from New Jersey:

The link you corrected is WRONG!  The site is [size=78%][/size] [/size][size=78%]as I originally posted.  BarbinNC has it right.  NomNomPaleo is a good site, but this one is different.  [/size]


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