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Best Keto Pecan Cookies


These are simply amazing!  I bought Carolyn's new cookbook for my daughter for Christmas and seriously, every recipe is easy and tastes great.  I made these a few times during the holidays, and it's my favorite keto cookie of all the ones I've tried, and there have been many.  A stand by for me!

Did you get the cookbook on kindle then? 

Hi Rita, I didn't get the book on kindle, but she was having a sale on amazon, giving it away for $2.99 last week .. haven't checked if it's still available for that price.  I have the hard copy and share it will my daughter.  I have been printing out the really good recipes and have a folder in the kitchen, I find that easiest.  Or. I just open them up on my phone when I'm cooking, but my fear is that some of the really good bloggers will take them down, if they add them to a cook book, it has happened.

This cookie is amazing in that it holds together and her process of flattening them during baking is ingenious, they really look like "real" cookies!


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