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I'm from Canada and I'm currently reading the Wheat Belly book. Just thought I would stop by and say Hi.

First question - can I eat rice? :)


I'm the guy on this site that everyone complains about when
I answer these kinds of questions, but here goes:  With a
question like that, you have pretty much not understood
anything about the issue.  I wish you the best.

Anyone else?

Bob Niland (Boundless):
Welcome to WFF, mouseluxi

re: I'm currently reading the Wheat Belly book.

Be aware that the program has advanced quite a bit since that 2011 book. It would be a lot of clicks, but you could trace developments on the Wheat Belly Blog (which goes back to 2011) or the Undoctored Blog (which started in 2017).

The current program is found in Undoctored (2017). Perhaps the biggest strategy that came in, entirely overlooked in the original book, is cultivation of gut flora, which I recently summarized in a public post on the Undoctored Inner Circle forum: Gut Flora Resource Overview

re: First question - can I eat rice? :)

TL;DR; not really

But that question, which was very frequent in the early days, reveals another weakness in the original book: the lack of emphasis on the suggested net carb budget, 50g/day, 15g per meal of 6-hour period.

Rice is pretty high in net carbs, with some forms (like sushi rice) being little better than sugar metabolically. That would normally just mean sticking to small portion sizes, but...

Rice is also at extreme risk for surprisingly high concentrations of Arsenic. This varies from farm to farm, and Organic doesn't protect you on it, because it can be due to regional As, or pesticides used decades ago (so the farm still qualifies as Organic). The US has no standards for this yet. Canada might. Absent national standards, look for grower claims.

Even if the net carbs and As issues are in hand, all rice contains WGA (wheat germ agglutinin), an adverse lectin that is a direct gut wall antagonist (which circles around to the gut health issue again).

This is part of why you'll see a shift after 2011 from gluten-bearing-grain-free to just plain grain-free.
Bob Niland [disclosures] [topics]

You can reduce the net carbs by first cooking rice, and then cooling it over night in the refrigerator.  This changes the starch to resistant starch, which is not digestible by humans, and instead becomes food for gut bacteria.



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