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Having recently finished reading and re-reading Dr. Davis' WB book, I'm beginning my journey to a glueten-wheat-grain free lifestyle.  Although kinda late in life to begin (68) I'm assuming that beginning late is better than not trying at all.  My biggest fear in life is becoming a blind, amputee on dialysis with pending Alzheimers.

After reading the book and looking back, I strongly suspect that many of my past medical issues were related to my consumption of G-W-G's.  This is especially telling since for the last 60 years, I never met a carb or grain that I didn't love.  My diet was probably 75% or more carbs.

I have already begun eliminating obvious sources of G-W-G and feel better already.  Once I have this elimination process under control, I'll start eliminating the not-so obvious sources.

I'm hoping that both my health and weight will be positively effected by this dietary change.

Advice is always welcome.

PS - I'm super excited about this change in my life!

Welcome and I wish you the best.

Today has started out well and by mid-afternoon seems on a good vector.

For breakfast (a real challenge since I usually have instant oatmeal, a bagel or toast) I had 2 boiled eggs chopped up and mixed with mayo and mustard.  Tasty and filling.

Around noon, although not really hungry, I had a block of cheddar cheese.  Thought I ought to eat something before going to work out.  Work out went well - it usually does, but I was concerned given my new dietary decision.

After working out, I wanted just a little something, so I indulged in one of my favorite little snacks.  Kraft Pimento Cheese Spread (see picture attached) - although in the past, I would have it on saltine crackers.  Today, I just slowly ate a small portion off a spoon.  It occurred to me rather too late that I should have checked the label.  The label was rather unenlightening, so I checked out several websites that deemed it glueten free (although these sites did NOT say grain free).  Additionally, it is certainly not carb free.  Lesson learned.

For dinner, I've planned chicken and fresh green beans.  Yum!

This morning I weighed myself and was suprised to see a drop of 2 pounds.  Happy about this and determined to keep on a good path.

Even more important is that I just realized that my hot flashes have stopped.  I began having these about 6 years ago and they have plagued me night and day without cease.  Hopefully, removing G-W-Gs from my diet will keep them at bay.

For lunch I made a tuna salad with non-farmed, non-GMO tuna.  A little mayo, lemon juice and celery.  It was good and very filling.

I'm off to the local town center to spend a couple of hours swimming.

Since I'm reading all about the problems with Wheat and Grains, I also picked up a book by David Perlmutter called Grain Brain.  While it expanded on the theme of Wheat Belly, it was not as compelling a read.  The science was good, but the narative was not riveting.  I felt much more engaged and excited with Wheat Belly.  Even so, I'm glad that I read it as it reinforced my understanding of the concepts.


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