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I mentioned this also in my introduction but the news that type 2 diabetes is reversable is so important that I want to mention it again here under "Success Stories".  Last year I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes and my blood sugar was very high (A!C 11%).  I had four difficult eye surgeries due to diabetic complications.  My doctor said I was looking at a lifetime of shooting insulin and taking meds.  I did mad research and found evidence that I could reverse this disease with radical diet and lifestyle changes.  Less than a year later - after going off all meds - and just eating no wheat, low carbs and being really active, I have dropped my A1C to 6.7% (just a point or so above normal).  The doctor doesn't know what to make of it.   I am continuing to improve my diet all the time and am getting thinner and healthier and know that I will completely reverse the diabetes soon.   I am pretty happy about this and feel I have a new lease on life.   

Hi anntsy. Good for you!! I'm happy to hear about your success :) You're on your way to a better life and good health!

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 11 years ago, and like you, started off with my A1C at 11%. Made some radical changes right away and those changes did help a lot. Was only on meds for a few months, but with daily exercise and going on a low carb diet I was able to go off and maintain (for the most part). However, it was a struggle. Always. I was never comfortable taking my readings as I never knew if I'd been "good" enough with my diet and exercise to have yet another good reading. My readings were low enough to please my Dr.  but not in the range I wanted them to be. I wanted them to be in normal range regardless of whether or not I was able to get that mile walk in every. single. day.!

Plus, I was starting to develop other problems. Found it harder and harder to keep the weight off despite exercise, and I was always hungry and craving sweets and having to fight it! But, at the time I was still eating wheat (albeit what I considered to be "good" wheat like sprouted, organic grain bread). I had no idea that it was the wheat that was stalling my weight loss and lower blood sugar. I'm so glad to know what exactly it was that I was eating that was so harmful to me. I've had great success already in just the three weeks I've been grain-free and I couldn't feel more blessed to feel this much better so quickly. I was skeptical at first that the results would start to show so fast, but not any more! I have a ways to go, but now have the confidence that in time I WILL be non diabetic, and in better health overall.

Good for you!  What an inspiration to the rest of us!  I, too, and Type 2 Diabetic.  My numbers have fallen into the normal range as well, not as dramatically, but enough to prove to me that this really works!  I would like to be able to come off my meds, but I am still about 50 lbs overweight (even after losing 20), so I'm hoping that will come as the weight comes off.  Keep up the good work. 

What encouraging stories all of you have.  Yes - I think that this can be reversed as well with the right diet and exercise.   :)   You'd think that dr.'s treating diabetes would take note of the results of eliminating all wheat and get on the band wagon, right?

I was diagnosed last September. I had to take 26 units of insulin at the start. Two months ago the drs allowed me to drop insulin but now take 2 metformin a day. I hope I can drop those at next clinic checkup. My weight has dropped  35 lbs from my peak. I've been wheat free for 7 months now.  A negative with metformin is that alcohol does not work. I can't drink wine as it makes me nauseous. I do have occasional gin and tonic or beer now and again.


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