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Today marks the end of the 1st full month doing Wheat Belly. I have found that this way of eating is easy to follow and is not boring. I wake up excited for the day of what fuel for my body I will be consuming and it's has not been boring. My moods are much better, sleep is deeper, energy has soared and digestion issues severely reduced, which is wonderful. Six days in, I was already starting to be able to wear clothes I could not get into the weekend before. Today, my clothes fit well and some are loose and will need to be replaced. I learned many lessons and new things over the course of the past month and am thankful for the new wisdom and understanding for how and why the body works the way it does.

I accidently wheated myself twice, but now that I know what happened, it is easily corrected and a great reminder to READ ALL LABELS, and stick to Whole food as much as possible vs packaged food. Also, I have really tried to stay away from Gluten Free foods and not become dependent on them or replace old foods I used to eat with the Gluten Free version. This has been extremely helpful! Yesterday, I attended a Birthday party and everyone commented how good I looked, but when the food was served and I did not eat certain items, especially the cake, they all advised me about Gluten Free cakes and suggested two or three different Bakeries they knew of where I should get something to celebrate my birthday in the coming months. Peer PRESSURE Ha Ha AAAGH!

Family and friends have already noticed inches lost as well as any new pictures of me. I'm less afraid of having my picture taken  :) The Scale shows an 8lb loss, which I am thankful for. I know that this is a sustainable lifestyle because of the enormous reduction in hunger and how good I feel. Earlier this week, on 2 different days, I realized that I had gone almost 8 full hours during the day without eating. I felt like I needed to force myself to have a little something in the early evening to sustain me until Breakfast the following day and it turned out fine. One of my favorite treats is Hot Tea with Full Fat Whipping Cream. The Fat helps with hunger. This has been a huge revelation for me. I have just over 100lbs to go. That idea may change as my body gets smaller. Mentally, I need to be out of the Obese category and am excited for the ability and probability to make it happen!

Thank you, Dr. Davis!

That's so awesome!  Thanks for the share!

Lynda (Fl):
Rita's right, that is so awesome.  You go, Girl!

Thanks for the success story. So excited for you. Looking forward to future posts on your progress. So glad you shared.

I'm thrilled for you scrupulousgirl!! What a wonderful testimony to the benefits of going wheat/grain free. And it just gets better with time. I'm proud of you for sticking to it. Thank you for sharing your progress and success. This kind of testimony is good for others to witness who may be reading, but haven't taken the steps to start their own lifestyle change. :)


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