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Okay.  Here's where we can post
snacks you eat at home.

Cut up meat from the night before
(I usually cook more than I need at the time
and cut it into small chunks and either
warm it up or eat it cold)

Creme Frache (the 30% fat kind)


Nuts in a bowl with cinnamon and
almond milk on it.

Cheese chips in the microwave with salsa.

What other easy snacks do you eat?

deanna in AR:
Don't snack much...maybe nuts.

Hard boiled eggs are simple to make.

(put as many as will fit loosely on one
level in pan, cover with water and bring
to boil.  Keep at rolling boil for 6 minutes
then run tap water into the pan to
gradually cool the eggs.  When just
about cool, put back into fridge.  I keep
a carton labeled "hard boiled"for the

I posted this on Snacks on the road:

Deep fried pork rinds.  Chicharones.

The cheaper the better, because apparently
they are more likely to be deep fried in
pig fat instead of vegetable oil and have
fewer added ingredients.

Very crunchy.

I still have a little chocolate every day.


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