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Linda R:

--- Quote from: bill on July 29, 2013, 11:38:08 PM ---I posted this on Snacks on the road:

Deep fried pork rinds.  Chicharones.

The cheaper the better, because apparently
they are more likely to be deep fried in
pig fat instead of vegetable oil and have
fewer added ingredients.

Very crunchy.

--- End quote ---

Had a lovely response, then my curser froze and had to bail. Post gone!  I HATE that.

So, again..........
When I first began the LCHF WOE back in 2008 and realized that I could actually eat pork rinds, I was thrilled! After all, counting calories and omitting any smidgen of fat from entering my body for too many years had left me very suspicious of ALL food. I remember feeling guilty at the grocery store when putting 4,5, sometimes 6 bags of the snacks in my cart. I was sure the entire world was watching and wondering what in the world was I doing?
I have enjoyed them ever since. The only time I had a problem was when I found a brand that also included a BBQ flavor, and I began eating those a lot. Then I also began experiencing joint pains in the AM, and when I checked the list of ingredients, I was heartbroken to see wheat in the seasonings. Drat!   Bye bye BBQ Pork Rinds. I still look at them longingly at Walmart, but I don't need that pain and discomfort either.

This is an are where I definitly need help. I often leave my place by 7:30 am, and often won't get home till after 8 pm. I need to take all the food and snacks with me when I go that I can carry, and preparation is not one of my first loves to say the least.
I discovered that my Omega juicer can mill almond flour, so last week I was munching on the chocolate chip cookie recipe in the WBC.
Nuts are a good and easy standby. I should likely double check the ingredients for sugar content, but I recently found a very tasty "BBQ PORK" beef jerky at costco.
Otherwise I pack a bottle of homage veggie/fruit juice.
I tried making juice-pulp crackers in my dehydrator.. but the first attempt was a dismal failure.
Otherwise.. Celery and PB, nuts, I found a jam made from xylitol, brand name XY out of the states, apples/fruit, seaweed snacks, small crunchy dill pickles, and  of course as dark and natural "Bean to Bar" chocolate as I can find. For anyone visiting Toronto, you MUST check out Chocosol, and esp. their Aztec drinking chocolate pucks, if you can, take a tour.  (I'm fairly sure these meet the requirements.. )

Barbara from New Jersey:

We eat REAL FOOD for our meals and then take some to work for our lunch.  Soup, salads, leftovers, hard boiled eggs, scotch eggs (hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage), muffins, wraps and hundreds of other items go into our lunch boxes.  Lots of paleo/primal sites for ideas and even just read this blog for recipes and helpful hints.  The nice thing is that we really don't have a need for snacks and if we do, it is often a small portion of a leftover.  Veggies, meat protein along with fats are our mainstays.

Don't snack much, but when we do we have

Celery (sometimes with cheese)
Peanuts (DH likes these--I never eat them)
Raw Almonds
Raw Pecans
Sometimes pork skins (watch the label on these--get the ones where there are only two ingredients, pork skins and salt)

That's about it. Like I said we don't snack much.

I only eat twice a day and I rarely eat snacks. If i do it a piece of cheese and Flackers ~ which I buy at Whole Foods. There is a recipe in WBC for flax crackers but I've not made them.


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