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Barbara from New Jersey:
Good morning Deanna,

I have joined a "club" through and found an out of state Amish dairy farmer who will deliver raw dairy products to a nearby home.  He will sell colostrum when available.  I add this to his yogurt or kefir.  Excellent! 

There certainly is a difference in the effect of using the dried powder and fresh, raw dairy.  I've only been using these products for about a month or so.  While it is too soon to be absolutely sure, I think my digestion is better, I sleep better and I feel calmer.  I take fewer digestive enzymes to help digest the same foods.  My sleep is more restful.  Boiling the diary products kills the beneficial nutrients. Cleanliness and refrigeration are what is important.  Big Ag Dairy uses CAFO methods.  The small farmers use time tested natural methods.   Bottom line is that I think fresh colostrum is synergistic with this lifestyle and very nutritious for all of us, especially as we age.

The answer to your question is YES!


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