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deanna in AR:
Thanks scrupulous & Barbara for the detailed info.

Dh & I have been taking Symbiotics Colostrum Plus for about 3 weeks, 1pill 2x/day, to increase soon. We notice a big difference, easier & more solid elimination, more energy, sinus a bit better, hand swelling reduced. Does the addition of the spray really increase effectiveness? We both suffer from sinus problems. DH wondered if the estrogen would be harmful to him & I had no answer other than it did not hurt him when it came from his mamma.

Barbara from New Jersey:

There isn't any problem with estrogen.  Your dh should not be concerned.
The peptide spray is MOST important in my opinion.  Dr. Keech developed this as an enhanced way to help your immune system calm dawn and rebalance itself instead of over-reacting and causing all these auto-immune (inflammatory) responses like inflamed sinuses, arthritis and IBS types of conditions.  This spray is readily absorbed and helps to seal the leaky gut cells and other problems. The spray
will then help maintain the proper immune response.  No other manufacturer of colostrum has this spray.

Please Google "Dr. Andrew Keech" or his company for more information.  I really believe this product has helped me markedly. 

By the way, I am just finishing my second bottle of VSL#3.  I will stop taking this and see if there are any changes.   

Thanks Barbra, I printed out the Dr. Keech Gluten Summit interview for DH to read & I'll look into the spray.

deanna in AR:
Is anyone still taking colostrum? If so, what kind? Did you have good long term results?


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