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« on: January 03, 2014, 07:54:40 AM »
The base article for this thread has been updated and migrated to, and is now being maintained on, the Cureality forum at:

I remain a WFF user, and WFF users are welcome to continue commenting on it here, but I only want to maintain it in one place.
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Linda R

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Re: Honey
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Very informative, I always look forward to your posts, Boundless.

I just read a recent post on the Iowa Food Coop site, and they are listing the 5 best things to eat for a healthy New Year.
Number 3?

3) A spoonful of raw, local honey IS medicine. So put it on everything. Plus, it tastes great. Raw honey holds antibacterial power over more than 60 types of bacteria, and, unlike antibiotics, doesn’t carry the toxic risks.

It gets worse.
#5 is baked goods.  [Geez, more sugar and flour!]

I am truly enjoying the delicious grass fed beef that I purchase through the Coop but the PR staff REALLY needs to get educated!

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Re: Honey
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