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Title: psychology of food and eating fat
Post by: VibeRadiant on July 23, 2014, 07:44:41 PM
This is an interesting observation I've made.

Three or so weeks ago, I started a fat fast. Consume nothing but fat all day long and have 1 re-feeding day on day 6. On the fat fasting days, I would consume BPC, butter, and chocolate bliss (90% coconut oil, the rest cocoa, sweetener and gelatin) in quantities that I wanted. On the re-feed day, I would eat animal protein, fat and sweet potatoes/squash. The re-feed day was a heavy consumption day, finding it almost hard to eat all the sweet potatoes that I needed to eat and the fat and animal protein. I managed and felt pleasantly stuffed and satiated. Positive that I would lose weight/inches.  I measured myself and did lose inches. I had an opportunity to weigh myself and sure enough, I lost weight too. 

Now, last Monday, I decided that I needed to eat one meal a day as I no longer felt great just consuming fat. I still have BPC or BPTea, I have 1 or 2 pieces of bliss bar during the day, as I did during the fat fast, but now I have supper. Supper is an animal protein (beef or eggs), non starchy veggies in butter or lard. 

Although I haven't measured myself, I feel that I have gained the weight back. I don't want to measure myself because I don't want to set myself up for disappointment.

All of what I know about eating LCHF says that calories don't matter. As long as one keeps carbs low and fat high, ketosis will occur and fat loss will follow.

Yet, I can't shake the belief that because I added a meal, I am consuming excessive calories and thus gaining weight.

This is the psychology of eating food and still feeling like it is the enemy.

How does one get past that?