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Title: The Vegetable Detective
Post by: Jan in Key West on July 12, 2015, 04:58:24 PM
Kale, friend or foe?

Title: Re: The Vegetable Detective
Post by: Greentree on July 13, 2015, 07:51:11 AM
Thanks, Jan!  That is a very interesting read.

One of the reasons that we sold our family's ranch was that we had a billionaire neighbor, upwind, who was spreading sewage sludge(dry) on his land. I am enough of an organic gardener to not be dweeb end out by human waste as fertilizer....HOWEVER, what comes from the city sewage is no such thing! It is FULL of industrial waste, also.

With my OLD, tiny cell phone, I captured the brown cloud drifting across my property. When it rained, or even when the humidity was high( often in SE Texas!!), the air was laden with the smell of the sewage. My older horses were breaking out in huge hives. I had to send my elderly MIL to stay with her sister in another state, because she was having trouble breathing.

The US is allowing itself to be systematically poisoned, and it doesn't even seem to care.....I am sure we here all feel differently, and do care!

Thanks again....sorry for the ramble.
Title: Re: The Vegetable Detective
Post by: Barbara from New Jersey on July 13, 2015, 11:29:01 AM

This is just like when we learned that it was important to find out what our food animals/fish/poultry eat.  I certainly never, ever thought much about it until reading all the posts and articles listed on this blog.  Now we have to be aware of the "food" our veggies eat!  Knowing the broccoli is organically grown just isn't good enough anymore.  The nutrient depleted, soils are now contaminated with all the prescription drugs prescribed and whatever runoff, industrial metal/toxic wastes, or human/animal waste which combine to fill the soil with a witches brew of elements. 

New Jersey is a densely populated state.  The land has become too valuable for farming.  Farmers are selling 200- 300 year old farms to developers for more money than they could earn in several lifetimes of farming.  One of those farms in my town used sewage as a fertilizer.  The soil was tainted with so many contaminants that it had to be dredged and cleaned before condo's could be built on the land.  Took years to do!

I just cringe when I think of all the veggies I purchased there for most of my adult life….got a dose of toxic metal with each head of broccoli and all those other fruits and veggies.  They were famous for their fresh apple cider which I guzzled and used in cooking.  Scary.
Title: Re: The Vegetable Detective
Post by: Lynda (Fl) on July 13, 2015, 02:32:32 PM
Good article, Jan.  It really makes you stop and wonder.  It's a good thing humans are basically tough or we would have killed ourselves off long ago! Right now I'm not eating many veggies at all and am having a lot less reflux.  Maybe the green stuff and I don't like each very well? I have done this before and the results are consistent.
Title: Re: The Vegetable Detective
Post by: Jan in Key West on July 14, 2015, 05:41:41 AM
It could be another avenue to explore if after eliminating wheat/grains/sugar, one is still experiencing digestive issues, weight loss stalls, thyroid disruption, etc. There is a growing number of people who have corrected thyroid issues by merely dropping plant foods from their diet.

Apparently the extent of our environmental toxicity is a never ending story.
Title: Re: The Vegetable Detective
Post by: Lynda (Fl) on July 14, 2015, 08:52:09 AM
I just might do an n=1 experiment on this myself.  Looking at human history, I notice that man has eaten seasonally far longer than any other way.  We stuff down vegetables and fruit as though they have always been available daily.  Well, according to my farming forbears, most of that was only available in the late summer and early fall and then only briefly.  Anything eaten in the Winter had been preserved in some manner and eaten sparsely.  Maybe we need to return to that model? There must be a reason Mother Nature made meats more nutrient dense.