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Title: Another newbie here!
Post by: Effy66 on January 04, 2016, 11:59:25 AM
Hi there,

I'm from London, UK, and just finished the book.  Having been on lo-carb diets before with success, I know it all makes complete sense.  My only problem when I've always reached my goal weight is that I go back to bad habits and on goes back all the weight.  Being 50 this year I need to get a grip and lose the weight again but this time to make it a way of life, not just for a few months or so.

I hope to find lots of inspiration on this forum, and to share ups and downs with everyone.                                   

So today was day one. So far so good! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day :-)
Title: Re: Another newbie here!
Post by: BarbinNC on January 05, 2016, 08:00:20 AM
Welcome to you, too Effy!  As I just posted to Shelly, reaching out to others is great, you seem to know the drill, and planning and being prepared for the pitfalls, is first step to success!! 

Look forward to hearing more and will be around more now that holidays are over, it's been very quiet, everyone busy with family and friends, but I do intend to keep on journaling, it keeps me honest.  I see you started one, that's great and I will check in with you later!  I keep my grandson during the week, they are on their way here, and some days I sit with my Mom, she's 85, so time is short right now, but still I will take the time to stay actively involved, its very helpful.

Title: Re: Another newbie here!
Post by: Effy66 on January 05, 2016, 01:42:35 PM
Hi Barbara,

Lovely to hear from you; I expect you burn a few calories looking after your grandchildren  ;)   I hope your Mum is fit and well at 85? 

Yes, I think keeping a journal is good.  It can help me see where I may need to step it up a bit.  I've been reading yours too and like your chatty format  :)

Anyway, time to post over there.

Best wishes,


Title: Re: Another newbie here!
Post by: Rita on January 05, 2016, 05:48:06 PM
Welcome.  Glad you are joining us from the UK.  I hope you do keep a journal here.  ;)
Title: Re: Another newbie here!
Post by: Greentree on January 27, 2016, 07:06:20 AM
Welcome, Effy!

It may help to do a couple of little exercises that I had my DH do....

1) Anywhere with food where there is a choice between a wheat laden or healthy food, tell yourself, "I DON'T eat that."....as if you were deathly allergic,  VS. " I CAN'T have that" . It just shifts the paradigm in your head a bit...then when you start losing weight, and people offer you wheat foods, say you DON'T, and when they ask "why?", you can tell them!

2) when you walk into a place, say a bakery, we always breathe in and say it smells SO good, but start telling yourself it does NOT smell good. This is how I got DH to quit eating French fries. I told him that they smelled BAD. He started thinking that, and now it is EXTREMELY rare for me to find a wrapper in his car.....

To your health!