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Title: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Rita on May 22, 2018, 08:51:05 AM
Trouble with weight loss?  Perhaps you are targeting the wrong pathways.  This article is worth reading:

Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Barbara from New Jersey on May 23, 2018, 05:33:11 AM

This is an excellent article!  Like you said, worth reading.  Finally someone has put together the known reasons for gaining weight and then how to lose that weight.  I like these ideas.  Looking back at various periods of my life, I can now understand more of the reasons I couldn't lose weight despite dietary changes, exercise, etc.  Sometimes those "extra 10 lbs" were easy to lose and sometimes they weren't. 

The internet sure has changed our access to health information.  Thanks for posting this.
Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Rita on May 23, 2018, 02:00:05 PM
Barbara -  It's an eye opener for sure.   I've been going low carb for a long time (since starting this forum), and have not been successful in losing any weight at all.  It's had me stumped for a long time.  I exercise every day as well. I just did a fasting insulin test (which I ordered on my own from Direct Labs) and found out that I'm insulin resistant.  Talk about an eye-opener.  My A1C is 5.5, so it never occurred to me that I could be insulin resistant.   And with insulin resistance, your body keeps producing more insulin, and making you more insulin resistant, which makes it impossible to lose weight.  My insulin is so high that I'm on my way to diabetes ... and that's on a low carb diet with normal blood sugar!  Who would have thunk!

My plan going forward:
- Increase my soluble fiber intake - especially chia  (In fact, I'll probably do organic steel cut oats with chia, cinnamon and almonds for breakfast - heresy! ) lol
- Eat more dark chocolate
- Increase my cinnamon intake
- Increase my green tea intake
- Increase my intermittent fasting times (I usually do a 12-14 hour fast everyday ... but I think I need to increase that.)
- Increase the apple cider vinegar intake
- Remove cheese, as casein and whey spike insulin.
- Increase veggies and eat 2 servings of fruit per day
- Decrease meat consumption
- Reduce egg consumption
- Reduce saturated fat
Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Barbara from New Jersey on May 23, 2018, 08:19:41 PM

I came across a Facebook group called Magnesium Advocacy Group.  The Root Cause Protocol developed by Morley Robbins is discussed.  His basic premise is that iron and copper disregulation causes all illnesses.  Excessive iron buildup in cells must be addressed and once it is, then your body will function properly and health issues will resolve.  Vitamin D, which he calls a hormone, should not be taken in pill form.  Your nutrition should come from food sources, not supplements.  Magnesium, potassium and calcium must be in balance.  He cites how to do this, including, but not limited to donating blood to move the excessive iron out of storage which is wrecking havoc with your health.  He and his followers say that auto-immune and hormonal issues disappear when you follow the protocol which begins with "STOP" doing these common things and then lists what you need to slowly start implementing.  For instance, he recommends eating beef liver for B vitamins or at least taking dessicated liver tablets to build up these levels. 

Novel and interesting approach which is attracting many followers because it seems to address healing all illness at the cell level.  His dietary recommendations are the ancestral diet which complements the way we already eat.  Might be worth looking at this....

Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Rita on May 23, 2018, 09:06:56 PM
Barbara -

Nice that dark chocolate is a good source of both magnesium and copper.  :)

(For others, here is the link https://www.facebook.com/morley.robbins/videos/1529281203755773/UzpfSTQ2MjA1OTA2MDUzMDMwMzoxMTcwMDY3MzgzMDYyNzk3/ (https://www.facebook.com/morley.robbins/videos/1529281203755773/UzpfSTQ2MjA1OTA2MDUzMDMwMzoxMTcwMDY3MzgzMDYyNzk3/) )
Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Rita on June 06, 2018, 05:23:08 PM
Just to update this thread.

I am doing this high fiber diet I mentioned above (no wheat of course), and I'm having good results.

My fasting insulin test coming out of a keto diet was 25.9
It's now 20.6

(And just for good measure, I did some crazy things the night before my test, just for the sake of getting data.  I took 2 tablespoons of straight up raw honey, had a kidney bean dish with perhaps 2 ounces of meat, and ate a whopping 1/2 of a 3.2 oz 88% dark chocolate bar.)

I've included cooked/cooled and reheated rice and potatoes in this diet as well.

I still have a ways to go, but I'm making progress.   I've also lost 6 pounds.

Diet is very bio-individual, so this is not for everyone.  But for insulin-resistant me, it's working.
Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Barbara from New Jersey on June 06, 2018, 08:32:07 PM

That sure is good news!  It certainly will be a challenge to reverse the high insulin levels, but seems that you are doing just that.  The trick is to identify the pathway which is causing the problem.  Casein has become problematic for me, giving me a rash on my chin.  I've reduced my egg and dairy consumption significantly.  Makes me sad because I recently found a buying club which provides these products from Amish farmers.  They sell eggs which are produced  from free range chickens who follow the cows who are rotated in the fields for fresh, lush grass.  Bugs and worms are plentiful. The chickens aren't fed any soy products. The eggs have a deep orange yolk and are as tasty as could be.  I'll never go back to eggs purchased in supermarkets after eating these. 

More important though, is discovering which pathway of mine isn't working quite right because I start craving more and more carbs when I indulge in casein rich foods. 

Keep us posted!
Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Rita on June 07, 2018, 08:54:38 AM
Thanks Barbara.

Here is something else interesting.  A CoQ deficiency seems to be a primary cause of insulin resistance.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5800848/ (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5800848/)

And for your body to regenerate CoQ10 naturally, you need a combination of chlorophyll and light working together.

"Sunlight penetrates our bodies as anyone who has held their closed fingers up to the sun can see. The light that comes through our skin and reaches greens that we have recently eaten, activating the chlorophyll and allowing the cells of our body to regenerate Coenzyme Q10, a powerful anti inflammatory, antioxidant and is important chemical in staving off diseases like diabetes."

https://tv.greenmedinfo.com/natural-way-regenerate-coenzyme-q10-coq10/ (https://tv.greenmedinfo.com/natural-way-regenerate-coenzyme-q10-coq10/)
Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: Rita on June 08, 2018, 10:38:56 AM
Just had a second set of blood work come through on this diet.

I reduced fasting blood glucose by 8%  ( 99 to  91)
I reduced my triglycerides by 36%
I increased by HDL my 16%
Title: Re: Trouble losing weight?
Post by: rafflesia1 on June 14, 2018, 07:15:28 PM
Excellent article!