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General Discussion / Re: Meat and eggs also spike insulin
« on: May 20, 2018, 08:43:21 AM »
This is true, and has been known for quite a while, just not talked about by medical community, for obvious reasons.  See Joseph Kraft interview with Ivor Cummins.  I have been incorporating Intermittent fasting on daily basis now, and also a few extended fasts.  It would seem that the only time we truly don't see much insulin in our system, is when we fast.  Although, there seems to be evidence, that cortisol can also lead to high insulin output.  I seem to be one of those, stress and anger - for instance - can cause insulin spikes, and symptoms of that is high blood pressure and edema.  Lucky me.  8)

Wheat Free Recipes / Avocado Truffles with a kick
« on: March 29, 2018, 05:43:24 PM »

These are so, so, so good!  I have made them several times now, and each time they come out beautiful and scrumptious.  Easy and quick to make, and she also explains how to freeze avocado, if you have some that are ripe and you can't eat them all, as I had happen this week.  They have been on sale and I couldn't resist.  Freezing them is quite easy, they won't look as beautiful as fresh, but for making guacamole or something sweet like this recipe, they are perfect.


Wheat Free Recipes / Re: New source of good recipes!
« on: March 29, 2018, 05:40:55 PM »
I have made several of the recipes now from this gal, and have to say, they are fabulous!  I just made the brownies the other day and they are so moist and chewy, just amazing.  Trying the carrot cupcakes for Easter, along with some truffles made with avocado ... have you tried those?  let me post that recipe too, it is "decadent" as my daughter put it.  :)

Wheat Free Recipes / Nut and Seed Bread
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:41:38 PM »
This is amazing, simply amazing, if you like German type Pumpernickel bread and miss it.  I sure do sometimes, and have made this several times now.  I can't eat much of it, it's very filling.  I slice it very thin and freeze a few slices for later consumption.

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Best Keto Poundcake
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:37:31 PM »
You're welcome, Rita - you will not be sorry if you make this one, I follow his directions to a T, using my Kitchenaid mixer, of course any mixer will do.  Let me know if you do try it, I love getting feedback :)

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Best Keto Pecan Cookies
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:36:35 PM »
Hi Rita, I didn't get the book on kindle, but she was having a sale on amazon, giving it away for $2.99 last week .. haven't checked if it's still available for that price.  I have the hard copy and share it will my daughter.  I have been printing out the really good recipes and have a folder in the kitchen, I find that easiest.  Or. I just open them up on my phone when I'm cooking, but my fear is that some of the really good bloggers will take them down, if they add them to a cook book, it has happened.

This cookie is amazing in that it holds together and her process of flattening them during baking is ingenious, they really look like "real" cookies!

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: New source of good recipes!
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:34:04 PM »
Hi Girls, it's been busy in my life, but happy busy! :)

It's always good to open the page of the site you want to share, and then copy the url and paste here.  That way the link is complete.  Also, adding the www. is also important - it makes the link clickable.

And yes Barbara - we sure did share a lot of good recipes here, like I said, it's been a lifesaver for me at times, if I can't find the recipes online for some reason, then I can always find it here.  I really only posted tried and true recipes that I love.

I have a few new ones that I've been making routinely lately, one is a nut and seed bread, so easy and fast to make, I might just have to add it, just in case you hadn't seen it.

Most of the time now, I just make the Fathead rolls - it uses the mozzarella, bit of cream cheese, almond or coconut flour and baking powder.  I've made pizza dough, rolls, bagels (yummy with the topping mix from Trader Joe's) and even a sweet roll, with cinnamon mix in the middle.  That was lovely.

Other than that, just making baby food for the 1 year old and my Mom - LOL!  she doesn't like to put her teeth in lately, so I mostly make her sweet potatoes with lots of butter, or carrots, sometimes she will eat an egg, or very soft chicken.

Oh well, gotta run, hope you guys are doing well too!!

Wheat Free Recipes / Best Keto Pecan Cookies
« on: February 20, 2018, 03:09:12 PM »
These are simply amazing!  I bought Carolyn's new cookbook for my daughter for Christmas and seriously, every recipe is easy and tastes great.  I made these a few times during the holidays, and it's my favorite keto cookie of all the ones I've tried, and there have been many.  A stand by for me!

Wheat Free Recipes / Best Keto Poundcake
« on: February 20, 2018, 03:06:33 PM »
I don't remember if I left this recipe here before, but in any case, if you haven't tried it, you simply must.  It is dense and moist, easy to make and very low carb.  I don't make it often, but it is a great quick breakfast, or even lunch to take on the road.  We make it when we go to the beach, or go on other road trips.  Hope you enjoy!

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: New source of good recipes!
« on: February 20, 2018, 01:29:15 PM »
Hi Barbara!!  :)  long time no see ... I've been busy busy busy, but check in every once in a while, if I can't find a recipe and then remember I posted it here.  Nice to have that archive!

I think you might be looking for Nom Nom Paleo?  Her website is   If that's not the one, then I don't know lol!

I am baking that birthday cake I made for Hudson on his first birthday back in 2013 (boy - time is flying!! it was such a winner and easy for a baby to eat) for my second grandson ... yes, he will be 1 yo already in March, he was born a day before my birthday and he is just the cutest little guy ever, we enjoy him so much.

So, hope all is well with you, and forgive my intrusion here ... but it's always nice to see what you guys are up to!  Not much time in my life right now for being online, all I do is read recipes if I want to bake something. 

Take good care, and hi to everyone,
Barb :)

Never mind - found it   it's a new one to me too, will have to take a look later on!

General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 06, 2016, 05:08:30 AM »
PS - I wanted to say that I didn't have time to listen to all of them, but if I had to pick two of my favorites, it would be Ron Rosedale and Grace Liu, I always learn from Ron, he is just the best at explaining why insulin is so bad, and Grace had some interesting info on pre biopics, she is developing a Bioinic Fiber, and it sounds like it has Inulin, Psyllium, Gluccomannan, and Accacia in it, not sure, but that's what I jotted down;  also the fact that cocoa, FOS, and really all plant fiber, are good prebiotics.  NOT Potato starch!  Glad I never started that one. 

Personal Diaries / Re: One day at a time ...
« on: October 06, 2016, 04:58:40 AM »
So sad the summer is over, officially for a while, but for me as of tomorrow, Hurricane Matthew bringing some cooler weather along with wind and rain.  Hope it's not too bad, one of my daughter's best friends is getting married on Saturday, so they have rehearsal dinner and wedding - and I have a little sweetheart sleeping over both nights!  We have big plans too … with the cooler weather it's nice to get outside, and we are going to check out some new playgrounds in the area. 

The summer was hot and sticky, so we took advantage of the beach condo more this year, and drove down to Charleston as much as we could, I keep my bag packed so I can just pick up and leave on the spur of the moment.  Good bye sweet Summer!!!  :)

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Leberkaes - German Meatloaf
« on: October 06, 2016, 04:52:49 AM »
How lucky that you found that buying club, Barbara!  How do you find something like that, is it local?  I really have to get myself up and looking, as it is, I do buy the grass fed ground beef from the health food store, and the farm they get it from isn't too far from us.  So I might just drive out there, one of these days … just never seems enough time.

I did make another meatloaf, just to see how it would come out, with regular ground meat, and it's actually quite fabulous.  I have it in the fridge and been frying up a few slices for lunch or dinner, in butter, and one night made a mushroom gravy, using your recipe and it was delicious! 

I've been baking a lot lately, mostly the donuts and coffee cakes … oh, I found a great blueberry cheese cake crumble coffee cake, will have to post, it's a little more work, but not much - but oh the outcome is so worth it! 

General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 06, 2016, 04:47:52 AM »
Well if you signed up with your email Bill, and are not getting the emails sent to you (it's over now, but there are 24 hours left to watch videos) then I really don't know what happened.  You can use this link if you like, or email them to see why they didn't complete your registration>?    was my contact person

General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 04, 2016, 08:08:15 AM »
That one is great - do listen to Grace if you have never checked her out.  I am moving on to the Thriving Child Summit, lol … a lot of listening right now to learn as much as I can!

General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 04, 2016, 05:58:23 AM »

Listening right now …. all about the gut! ;)

General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 03, 2016, 05:46:04 AM »

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Leberkaes - German Meatloaf
« on: October 02, 2016, 04:11:25 PM »
Haha Rita, you mean because of the mess it makes?  Well let me tell you, clean up was a biatch … lol!  So, probably won't make this a habit, but the spices are fabulous, and will be making just a regular ground beef and pork meatloaf next, using the spice mix.  It did receive rave reviews, the texture is nice, smooth, kind of like bologna or a frankfurter.  Taste much better. 

But yeah, the food processor took a lot of hot water and soap to get ungreased …  ::)

Wheat Free Recipes / Leberkaes - German Meatloaf
« on: October 02, 2016, 07:56:30 AM »
This one is definitely an acquired taste.  I was lamenting to my daughter the other day, that since the German butcher in our small town closed shop, I hadn't really had any Leberkaes.  We looked online, and there is a place, where you can order it frozen, but then I looked around the internet for recipes, and decided it sounds easy enough to give it a try.  Mine is in the oven right now, baking.  I can't wait!

General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 02, 2016, 07:53:52 AM »
Oh good, I hadn't really paid attention to that … so they will replay them all!  That's great,  I will tune into Dr. Fung for sure, I did listen to some of his youtube videos already, and bought his book, excellent.

Tried listening to Chris Masterjohn, but got distracted, I'm making something right now that's quite Wheatbelly compliant, a German recipe for a specific type of meatloaf, and will share it in recipes. ;)

General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 02, 2016, 05:39:03 AM »
Bill, I think you need to register to get the emails with the daily links to the interviews.

Below the links I received this morning (they send yesterday's and also the current day), listening to Ron Rosedale right now, he has been on the right track from way back when. I remember the first time I heard him speak about insulin and the damage it does to our bodies, and it turns out he was right!

Let me know if need more help!


General Discussion / Re: The Keto Summit
« on: October 01, 2016, 11:04:09 AM »
Bill, if you scroll down you will see a note saying "if you aren't able to watch in this format, please click here" and it will take you to the youtube format.  That's what I've been watching, and agree, too long, at least for me right now. 

There are daily interviews, and they are available for 48 hours, so there is some overlap.  When you click on today's videos, you see for October 1, but if you click on yesterday ,there should be some time left too.  And so on … like I said, there will be some repeats so if you have a favorite, vote for them (Jason Fung … lol). 

Hope that helped …

General Discussion / The Keto Summit
« on: October 01, 2016, 07:04:30 AM »
Has anyone else been watching the speakers?  It's free for 48 hours, they have several speakers daily.  I haven't had much time to watch, sadly … but this morning I caught Ivor Cummings, and the other day I took some time for Maria Emmerich.  I missed Dr. Jason Fung on day 1, but I see that they will have an encore day, bringing back the most popular, and we can vote for our favorites, to bring them back.  I'm counting on you all to bring back Dr. Fung, lol … here's a link, in case you haven't come across the info yet.   Very helpful info, even if you already know it, it's nice to hear the speakers sum it up and lets face it, that Ivor is just nice to look at, period.  8)

You have to register, I got an email inviting me and followed the link.

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Zucchini Butter
« on: September 08, 2016, 06:36:00 AM »
Thanks for sharing that site, love it!!

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Mushroom Saute'
« on: September 08, 2016, 06:35:04 AM »
Looks delicious, Barbara!  I love making this type of dish with pork chops, or add a bit of broth and cream, for a cream of mushroom soup.  Yum!

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: DJ Foodie book - Taking Out The Carbage
« on: August 21, 2016, 06:33:01 AM »
My book arrived yesterday, and I've been fascinated with all the recipes, gorgeous fullpage color pictures, and nutritional information it holds.  It looks and feels like a beautiful art book, one you would put out on the living room table, to be admired.  Seriously, just a treasure, I see it as the low carb bible of sorts, reminds me of how I felt about The Joy of Cooking when I came to the US and of course, also my beloved Bayrisches Kochbuch.  8)

It's a bit costly by today's amazon standards, but I gladly support this guy, he gives everything away on his blog and website, but it's nice to have it all bound and in one place, to search.  And did I mention the pictures?  To die for ….  ;D

General Discussion / Re: I got bees coming!
« on: August 21, 2016, 06:24:23 AM »

Amazing article, if this is true, we will have to get in line to buy some of Rita's honey!   :D

Wheat Free Recipes / Brunch Recipes
« on: August 15, 2016, 08:30:11 AM »
Our family loves brunch.  We often get together for brunch on the weekend, instead of dinner now.  I've been collecting good recipes and always look for new ideas. Came across this interesting blog and thought I'd share, because I care …  ;D


General Discussion / Mucilaginous Fiber
« on: August 15, 2016, 07:42:52 AM »

Interesting article regarding gut health and some of the fibers we like to use as prebiotics, or just cooking and baking aids.

Food Elements / Contaminants in Iodine Tinctures
« on: August 15, 2016, 07:13:43 AM »

I have the J Crowe's - I guess they all have some kind of contaminant, but looks fairly benign to me.

Wheat Free Recipes / GF/SF Granola
« on: August 14, 2016, 08:19:10 AM »

I have a bunch of nuts and seeds on hand, and will try my hand at this super easy sounding recipe for granola.  It's something we all miss, that crunchy topping for yoghurt, or just a quick handful for snack.  I love crockpot recipes right now - it's just too hot to turn oven on for any length of time. 

I made her crockpot meatloaf too, and everyone loved it.  Think I posted that recipe, but will check to make sure, it's really super, and I'm making one for Mom today, with the tomato topping.  YUM!!

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Blueberry Lime Chia Seed Jam
« on: August 14, 2016, 08:16:25 AM »
Hi Deanna, I've made that one, and you're right - it's super yummy!  I have been reading about organic strawberries lately, and seems they aren't as organic as we are lead to believe.  Until I am convinced of the opposite, I'm going to try and keep as many toxic ingredients away from us as possible.  Really sad, because I love them, and so does the family.  But organic blueberries seem to be ok, at least to the best of my knowledge.  For tiny GS, it really makes a difference, and also for new baby growing right now.  I think we older ones have enough immunity (hopefully) to ward off ill effects of the inevitable toxins in the world, but for now, I'm really trying to be as clean as is possible in our world.

But it is a great reminder that the Chia seeds really help with quick gel, that reminds me, I also want to use more of the grass fed gelatin I have on hand, might just throw some in with this jam and see how it does!   ;D

Wheat Free Recipes / Blueberry Lime Chia Seed Jam
« on: August 12, 2016, 05:29:13 AM »

Happened to come across this recipe this morning, and just got some nice organic limes the other day and have some chia seeds I need to use up, so going to try this one.  And make the scones too, DD has been having more carb cravings, and I will start making her more baked goods for the time being.  I hope it works out well, and will report back, once I've tried it, I think it looks yummy.  :)

General Discussion / Re: Carolyn Dean - Magnesium for Heart Arrhythmia
« on: August 12, 2016, 05:27:02 AM »
Barbara, you just convinced me to reorder this ReMag for my daughter, she has been having terrible muscle cramping, even though she takes her Magnesium daily.  I had stopped ordering it, because she thought the pills were just fine, but now that she's pregnant, I would like her to take both, the citrate helps us sleep and keeps us regular, but in the morning, she could take the extra mag from this source, to hopefully limber her up a bit.  It must be genetic with her, my husbands family were all in chiropractic care.  She does get monthly massages, but had to stop them for now.  Good reminder, thanks!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: I got bees coming!
« on: August 12, 2016, 05:24:01 AM »
Rita - you're the Queen Mother Bee!  8)

General Discussion / Re: I got bees coming!
« on: August 11, 2016, 06:21:32 AM »
Rita, this is truly fascinating!  I've never know much about bees, other than what is generally known. They lead lives of much drama, lol!
 It sounds to me like you're doing an extremely good job, watching and caring for the bees and their hive. I hope they can survive the winter and come out stronger in the spring.  How did you learn all you know, I guess you read a book?  Or took a class?  Really love learning about this, and hope you will keep us up to date with any news! 

General Discussion / Re: Thanks for reporting SPAM
« on: August 10, 2016, 06:38:59 AM »
While humorous in a way … I was getting tired of our legs being pulled …  8)

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Zoodles
« on: August 10, 2016, 06:37:30 AM »
Thanks Barbara - that sounds amazing and will be making some - love water cress too!!

And Rita, I'm quite envious of your garden, I really miss having one now.  Have been buying the organic zucchini for GS, and they are expensive!  Will have to check into container plantings, they can be quite productive. 

And I've been meaning to ask you how it's going with your bees … you might have to update that thread you started a while back, I've been waiting to hear, but know you are quite busy.  Whenever you have time, it would be fun to find out how that experience has been. :)

I was asking in another group, about a good vitamin B supplement, and one of the recommendations was desiccated liver in pill form.  This would have to be ok for prenatal vitamin supplement, and not too big a pill, if possible.  I saw that Rita recommended this to someone a while back, and was wondering if you have a specific one you like, or if anyone here takes them and has good experience.  Thanks for any input!

General Discussion / Re: Fish Oil
« on: August 09, 2016, 04:58:04 AM »
Rita, thanks for sharing the info on SPMs - very interesting indeed!

And Bob, thanks for your helpful info and for sharing your research, it's really nice of you to so generously give of your time and expert opinion.  I often read things and wonder what your input would be!

Wheat Free Recipes / Zoodles
« on: August 09, 2016, 04:53:00 AM »

If you haven't tried making noodles from zucchini, it's so easy and delicious!  Here is a step by step instruction and video.  A must try - I love with a simple Carbonara type dish, or with browned ground beef, garlic, onion, a bit of tomato paste - YUM!!

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Casseroles
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:25:29 AM »
This chicken casserole sounds good to me …have to admit that I'm not a big casserole maker, for some reason.  I do like eating them though …  that Pinterest page I shared on the DJ Foodie thread had some great ideas for casseroles, if you scroll down about half way.  Anyway, this one I might try one of these days -

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: DJ Foodie book - Taking Out The Carbage
« on: August 08, 2016, 05:21:52 AM »
I agree, it shows that he's a chef and knows what he's doing - great recipes!  There was another freebie I received, about "Taming The Sugar Monster" with some good advice, most of them well known to us Oldies but Goodies.  8)   In it was the link to their Pinterest Page, with some good chicken casserole ideas, well worth checking out if you have time!

General Discussion / Re: Fish Oil
« on: August 07, 2016, 07:30:14 AM »
Thanks Bob, good reminders!  I ended up going to my local health food store and purchasing a small bottle of the lemon flavored Carlson fish oil, for starters.  DD is taking a lot of prenatal supplements, so this can be added to her morning shake, to avoid another pill to be swallowed.  Definitely a lot cheaper at Vitacost, or amazon, but quicker this way for now.  Although my tow or three latest Vitacost shipments (free shipping ) arrived in two days max.  I am really in love with that company! I think they are giving amazon a run for their money, when it comes to health products.

Wheat Free Recipes / DJ Foodie book - Taking Out The Carbage
« on: August 07, 2016, 07:18:11 AM »
I received an email offer to download a sample copy of his book, and will definitely be ordering it.  Here is the link, but if it doesn't work for you (it might be email specific, not sure) just go to and see if they will send you a link.  Amazing recipes and pictures, and his amazing story, to boot!

General Discussion / Re: Fish Oil
« on: August 02, 2016, 06:06:52 PM »
Well, after not really tending to this supplement yet, my daughter reminded me today that we really need to consider a good fish oil, so I have been doing some more research.  Came across this interesting product research, and hope Bob Niland is around to check it out.  According to this, I would consider the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Fish oil or the Carlson Lemon Flavored Best - might be nice to not have to swallow the large capsules, I don't mind swallowing fish oil, and it's easier to keep track of smell.

Still checking on price, and not sure I want them shipped in this summer heat, but Vitacost really is the best deal all around.  If you put stuff in your shopping cart, and don't check out right away, they send you a coupon, that's happened to me a few times now, I like to shop around, so between amazon, Lucky's and Vitacost, it's a toss up, but Vitacost is definitely my favorite source now.  Plus they have their own brand of miracle noodles, I love the rice, and order 20 packs at a time.  $1.69 each and sometimes they do a BOGO, can't beat that!!

Personal Diaries / Re: One day at a time ...
« on: August 01, 2016, 08:03:29 AM »
You're welcome, Deanna!

I am reading wheatbellyblog right now, hadn't checked in there in a while, and lots of good news, esp. in comments.  Love the stuff Bob shares, and wanted to make sure everyone saw this contribution of his at Cureality - a comprehensive summary of supplements - wow, what a wonderful thing to find!  Wish he would share more over here with us, but it's nice to know where we can find him. ;)

Go to top, not sure why it stopped at this subject, but gotta run, lots of reading here, when I have time.  Today is GS's 3rd BD - they had pool party for him yesterday, and today is family party at their house.  Can't wait to hug and kiss that sweet little face ...  :D

Personal Diaries / Re: One day at a time ...
« on: July 30, 2016, 07:09:29 PM »
Deanne, so sorry to hear you have to deal with the A Fib, but glad that I posted this info now.  I often come across things I think might be interesting here, and if I don't stop and post right away, I get distracted and forget.  But something today just made me want to put this here, and I just looked up the guide link on Stephanie's blog, so you can download if you want to take a look and see the protocol for using iodine in her practice, well actually the practice of Dr. Brownstein, since he's her mentor and good friend.

It took me a while to "get it", and wish I hadn't waited so long, esp. with regards to my daughter, since it sounds like iodine is essential element for having a healthy, intelligent child.  With the first child, unless the mother is supplementing, or lives in an area that is naturally iodine rich, the growing child takes all the iodine away from the Mom.  And whatever is left, is literally sucked away during nursing.  Sorry for the graphic description, but it's true.  So that if more pregnancies follow, there can be a serious deficiency of iodine, and the hormones that are dependent on sufficient iodine supply to be produced in the fetus and the mother.  It's mind blowing to me, how the medical community can consider this life giving element, toxic!!!  Just another serious faux pas, that is causing serious medical issues in people. 

… for example, folks  in Japan ingest approx. 13.8 mg of iodine daily, in their diet.  While our RDA is measured in MCG! After Fukushima, the government in Japan was handing out 1000 mg iodine/iodide supplements to the folks living close by.  We all should be taking at least 12.5 mg a day, and some of us much, much more, to combat all the toxic halides we are bombarded with daily in this world. 

One thing I would like to mention, it seems that the more congested the liver is, the more problems can happen during detox.  Detox will happen for almost everyone, esp. in the US>  taking iodine will push out bromide and fluoride, and other toxic things that are clogging the iodine receptors in the body and unless your liver is functioning pretty well, it won't be flushing out these halides, but they will recirculate and cause havoc in the body.  That's probably where the medical community came to the conclusion that iodine was causing the problems, when supplemented in larger doses, but it's not the iodine, it's the stuff it sets free, and believe me it's no picnic.  I have had some of those detox symptoms, they are different for everyone, and can be headaches, lower back pain, acne, moodiness, dark thoughts, so not something to play around with.  The best way to detox is by using salt flushing, it's all described in the Guide To Supplementing above, but just wanted to make sure you're aware that the protocol really does need to be followed.  It's not rocket science, but does need a bit of studying to make sure it's all remembered.  Most of the supplements I already took, and some I added.

Wishing you the best, and hope this helps you stay off that medication, we all know what I think of all those meds and their side effects!

Personal Diaries / Re: One day at a time ...
« on: July 30, 2016, 12:07:41 PM »
Wow, time is just flying right now!  So much going on, all good stuff … I love Summer, Sun and Fun at the Beach.  8)   Just got back from another quick excursion to Wild Dunes, in between birthday parties and other misc. celebrations.  Catching up on my reading today, and came across an interesting article about iodine and atrial fibrillation of all things … I'm starting to think that iodine is indeed the miracle we were never told it is!

Hope all are well, DD just found out I will be Mimi to another little sweet pea soon … I can't wait and been dreaming of a pink nursery, but very happy with more blue.  ;D  We don't find out till the fall, and have much going on before then.  Gearing up to be cooking and baking some goodies for the DD to keep her healthy and happy.  And that makes me happy, too!

Enjoying my keto woe and IF - life is good!!   :)

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