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Wheat Free Tips / Re: Part Time Grain Free ?
« on: March 18, 2015, 09:45:58 AM »
Hi there.

I am trying since abt a month, and feel the zero-wheat (or even zero gluten or zero grain) approach to be hard as well. Does not help that i live in china, where buying good stuff is more difficult and if available expensive.

I incorporated a lot of nuts, eggs and cheese in my diet + meat and some fruits. For my home meals i try to stick close to the rules.

I take cider or red wine over beer (although it seems asia has quite the wheat free choices - japanese asahi for example).

Real problem is eating out which i simply cant avoid in my line of work. Even i pick the steak salad - there will always be sauce. When i stick to sashimi, there will be soy sauce (id even bring my own - but did not find wheatfree so far - not even in hong kong).

I feel that i am satisfied with less calories and lost some weight - but that might also be because i am staying under a calorie goal (which - again - feels easier than before).

Ill read the article mentioned higher in this thread - that seems to indicate that it should be all or nothing approach. But - really - do you have experience that dipping your sashimi in standard soy sauce is killing of the positive effects?

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