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Hi, All...I read WB just over two months ago and was also shocked!  Immediately went WF.  So it's been a little over two months without wheat.  Would like to lose about 60 pounds eventually.   The scale has been going down very, very slowly.  But interestingly...I put on a blouse yesterday that was tight across the middle two months ago and I actually had room in it... so inches are being lost. And, I feel so much better.  I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts and seeing recipe ideas.  I'm more of a "lurker" than a poster, except when I find something amazing to share. 

I was previously following the Metabolism Miracle guidelines and was finding success in that, but I know that going WF, as well, is the answer.  I guess I can state that now I am following a combination of the two.  My latest goals are to watch portion sizes, drink more water, and remember...."Wine is for Weekends"..... :) 

Interesting observation--Has anyone else become such a proponent of going wheat-free that you are almost like a fanatic in trying to make conversions?  Sometimes I have to stop myself from becoming too pushy when I see people who are sick and tired and say they could never give up their bread, pizza, name it!

Have an awesome WF day, all!

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