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Off Topic Discussions / oil pulling anyone?
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:00:26 PM »
Hi, a while ago I started pulling oil every morning. A colleague of mine had brought my attention to that, and she had reported that her teeth look very white and that her gingiva looks healthier than ever before. I can say the same for myself, and I will keep doing it.  I started out with 10 min. every morning, and now I am at 20 min. At first 20 min. seemed like a long time for me, but I put the oil into my mouth, and I start doing chores that I need to do, and then I do not even notice how the time passes. At the end I spit the oil into kitchen paper towels as I do not want to clod the sink. I use coconut oil o other oils I have in the house.

Off Topic Discussions / Queston about Kindle or other eBook systems
« on: March 14, 2015, 03:55:22 AM »
I have thought about getting a kindle, but something is holding me back. eBooks are not cheap, and I guess it will be hard to resell them. And technology changes so fast.  How does this work when you have a kindle and you buy an ebook? Do you need to remember any password? Or is there a way to ensure that you always get access to the file (book), even when you are a bit chaotic by nature?

Space is not so much a problem for me. In the past four weeks I sold a lot of books to Amazon, and my bookshelf is more organized than ever (I wish my household was that organized  8) ), but somehow I am worried that I pay for something that I afterwards cannot use as well as a book.
Regarding some books I read on Amazon that the ebook version is not as good (well-adjusted to the screen) as the real book.

Maybe for me the time is not ripe yet to buy a kindle, but I was wondering how you arrived at the decision to buy one.

Food Elements / flaxseed oil good or bad?
« on: February 25, 2015, 10:56:32 AM »
Today for the first time I am thoroughly confused about flaxseed oil. Since WB advocates the use of flaxseed flour for baking, I assumed the oil cannot be bad (I am not heating it). Besides, in German recourses I had read frequently that it is a healthy oil especially because of its higher omega 3 content.
Today, after I had bought a new bottle of organic flaxseed oild, I found this link

The estrogenic effects and especially the reference to cyanhydric acid / cyanide make me nervous. Any insights on that?

Off Topic Discussions / Mistakes I would prefer to avoid in future
« on: February 21, 2015, 03:25:31 AM »
Hi, I want this to be a topic everybody can participate in. You can give examples from all areas of life (e.g. interpersonal things as well as accidents....). It is a topic meant for venting but also for others to maybe learn from the mistakes or to learn in general (because sometimes we do not realize how many things can go wrong).

What I will try to avoid for sure in future is to put anything liquid (no matter what receptacle it is stored in) into a non-washable handbag thinking "oh, for this little item I do not need to burden my environment and buy a disposable bag". Big mistake!!!
I bought a glass of bear leek pesto and put it into my leather handbag. By the time I got home the glass had opened (no idea how this could have happened), and my handbad plus some of the stuff in the bag were soaked with garlic flavor and oil. To say the least, I was not amused.

I like to test out things, and since I would have had to throw the leather handbag away anyhow I put it into the washing machine and washed it for an hour. No kidding. To my surprise the handbag came out nicely. Even the tiny rivets were still in place. Now I am waiting for it to dry. I have nothing to loose.  ;D
The good thing is that now it does not smell of garlic anymore - it smells of Persil (a popular detergent brand in Europe).

Okay, now I am waiting for your stories..............
In future when I do not have  a folded cloth bag in my handbag I will buy a bag for everything that is not as dry as a bone.

Food Elements / making mustard at home
« on: February 19, 2015, 04:03:43 AM »
Hi, has anybody here made mustard at home without owning a fancy high performance blender?
I had wanted to buy a high performance blender at one time but cannot afford one in the next half year.
On the other hand I am fed up with the mustard I find in stores.  Even those brands that I used to like I now perceive as artifical. In an arganic store I also tried mustards, but I do not want one that is so spicy that my tongue is on flames, and I also do not want a mustard with whole seeds that will continously slip down from the food onto the plate.
Besides, whatever I try is too sweet for me.

Yesterday I was at a candy store that has all the top of the line swiss chocolate (sugar-free, raw, wild cocoa name it, they have got it), and I looked at their mustards and vinegars. The mustard had added flavour....e.g. champage flavour....and starch. *thumbsdown".

To make a long story short: I am mustard-frustrated.

Wheat Free Recipes / Basic wheat belly bread
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:23:26 PM »
Hi, I have made the basic bread a couple of times, but somehow I keep suspecting that there is a translation error or that something is missing in the German version of the cook book. In my book the only fluid that is added to the basic bread are 5 eggs. No water or anything. With just the eggs (stiff egg whites and egg yolks separately) it is not even possible to stir the ingredients. Does anybody mind telling me what the American recipe is like - just the ingredients - not the details?

Right from the start I have added water and it works fine. I only hope that there will not be more errors in the translation.

I should have bought the original version to begin with.

General Discussion / Things to avoid in body care products
« on: December 07, 2014, 03:02:30 PM »
Hi, I am still busy cleaning my life. I discoverd that so far I had not invested any energy into looking at the body care products beyond the level of wheat. So far I understand that sodium laurin sulfate and natrium laurin sulfate are to be avoided. I found a German site called, and now step by step I am taking products out of the cabinet and I enter them into this site. At least every second product ends up in the trash bin.
This job will probably keep me busy until the end of the year, because as of tomorrow work starts again and I cannot spend too much time on this then.
Are there others here who also felt overwhelmed by how many detrimental things exist in the area of body care? Well, considering how many trashy foods exist, I maybe should not have been that surprised.  ;)

Off Topic Discussions / packaging of organic food
« on: November 16, 2014, 02:19:51 PM »
Sometimes I think I am too green behind the ears or too positive..........
I was woken up by reading one some link here that tins often contain BPA in the lining. I do not buy tinned food except that I buy coconut milk. Naively I had assumed that the tins of organic food had to comply to certain standards also. I rang up the manufacturer of my organic conconut milk, and the girl at the reception at first did not know what BPA is and 30 seconds later she was able to tall me that their tins did not contain any. It came up so quickly - this reply. When I asked her who had told her, she lamely said "the quality woman".  *EYESROLL*

I then went to a big organic store, and I asked the owner about it. I assumed he would tell me that certain standards had to apply (like for the milk cows at Demeter), but he said "honestly we do not know for sure - so your best bet is not to buy anything wrapped into plastic". And then it came......he told me that there is now a new sort of LID that is free from plasticizers. I had to ever thought that lids contain plasticizers!!!!! We are talking here of hard lids out of metal.
I asked him to show me  how I can recognize the new lid type, and he did. It is a blue ring printed at the bottom of the lid, and it is hard to see before the product is open - you somehow have to turn the product half upside down.

Off Topic Discussions / cleansing the gall / liver
« on: November 16, 2014, 12:52:03 PM »
When someone mentioned coffee enemas here, I learnt only then that a thing like that existed. Today I started listening to videos by "spiritofhealthKC" on youtube. It is quite interesting - especially the way he explained why soy is bad. He also mentioned coffee enema and hydro colon therapy. Has anybody ever tried hydro colone therapy? Or a gall detox (bringing to daylight many gall stones probably). I was amazed at how these stones look like and how many a person can have.

General Discussion / Wheat Belly cook book review - what do you think?
« on: November 06, 2014, 10:41:08 PM »

The thing about the flaxseeds made me wonder:
Not about the life style as such but about the cook book.

General Discussion / WB standard cookbook versus VB 30-min. cookbook
« on: November 03, 2014, 10:47:56 PM »
So far I have neither of the cookbooks. I search for recipes on the net, and I have a paleo cookbook at home. But I want to buy at least one of the doctor's cookbooks. Does anybody have both cookbooks? If so, how would you describe the difference in recipe content? Which one has more breakfast ideas?
If you decided to buy only one of the two - which one did you buy and why?

I am really delighted that the doctor does not seem to advertise special brands. His recipes seem to be neutral. I hate it when here in Germany they publish cookbooks and they say for example "300 g of flour by company xy", and when I have a look at the packet in the supermarket (just out of curiosity - not with the intention of buying it), I see that it is an undefined mixture of at least three flours, and it contains emulgators and stabilizators. That is so atritifical. And I do not see why I should buy the books of a person who obviously gets sponsored by a company.  *bigthumbsdown*

General Discussion / Lupine flour?
« on: November 03, 2014, 10:20:29 PM »
Has anybody ever used Lupine flour successfully and if so for what? I bought lupine flour, and it was expensive. I tried to mix it into pancakes the other day (admittedly without recipe), but the taste of that flour alone made me not like it.
I have read that the protein of lupines is supposed to be of high value and that 3000 years ago people used to have to wash lupines a lot to reduce the level of the bitter substance (alkaloid) and that today the breeders have managed to generate a type of lupine that no longer is so bitter.
Well, frankly, it is exactly that slightly bitter taste that makes me not like it. Maybe I can mix it with something else?

Off Topic Discussions / autoimune summit Nov. 10-17 - free online event
« on: November 02, 2014, 11:01:04 PM »

Hi, I signed up for this:

I thought I mention it here also in case somebody is interested.

I was not sure where to put the topic. The summit also talks against gluten, so maybe it is not off topic, but since it is not a discussion topic, I did not want to put it under "general discussion".

Off Topic Discussions / making yoghurt (not using any machine)
« on: November 02, 2014, 06:15:04 AM »
Hi, I have got some tupperware containers with 9 cute little joghurt jars and matching lids. I have made yoghurt using those countless times, and it worked fine. Yesterday I made joghurt using raw milk, and even that worked fine. Since I had a second packet of raw milk but no empty yoghurt jars, I decided to use different (bigger) tupperware jars and make yoghurt. The yoghurt in the 2 bigger jars does not become solid so quickly.

Why would the size make a difference? I am a bit confused, but right now I assume that it is just coincidence. Any thoughts from others with relevant experience?

Wheat Free Recipes / Any vegetarians or quasi vegetarians here?
« on: October 21, 2014, 01:35:57 PM »
Hi, before I came here, I ate meat maybe once in a month. On many days I do not mind eating meat or fish, but sometimes I feel that it is inevitable almost every day (unless you want to eat eggs daily), and when I then see some living and happy animals......or like yesterday, when they showed cute baby pigs on TV......I feel guilty, and I think "look, this only has to die because you want to eat meat all the time........are you proud of yourself?", and then I feel bad.
Can anybody follow me on that? Has anybody been in the same boat or is still there?

General Discussion / The topic for the coconut and its products
« on: September 28, 2014, 01:47:28 PM »
Am I the only coconut maniak here? I use coconut oil, coconut pulp, coconut flour, cocunot flower sugar (very low GI). I had taken a small glass of coconut pulp with me, but I am on withdrawal now.  ;D My favorite dealer gives 10 per cent on everything ordered by September 30. I have sent him an email to find out whether I can order now and pay in 2 weeks (when I am back in Germany).

General Discussion / declaration of food content in the States?
« on: September 28, 2014, 01:44:25 PM »
Does the American food industry have to label what is gluten-free? Or what contains gluten? Here in Europe so far restaurants and the food industry do not have to declare anything regarding gluten. But legislation is considering to implement that by the end of the year (but it is uncertain - too much opposition).
The irony is that two leading producers of industrialized food trash already voluntarily declare everything regarding gluten. They want to bring back those people to the table (of their food) who are right now cooking their own food to be on the safe side. Grrrrrrrr

Some organic food manufacturers label gluten-free things as gluten-free - but not every manufacturer does that.

Wheat Free Recipes / Fiori di Latte Ice Cream
« on: September 20, 2014, 01:05:09 PM »
300 g cream
200 ml milch
150 g xylitol
150 g mascarpone

Boil milk and mascarpone, when it has boiled, remove the pot from the stove and add the xylitol. Let the mixture cool down.
Then add the cream (the type of cream you use as whipped cream on a cake) and put everything into the icemaker or into the freezer. Of you prepare the ice in the freezer, try to stir the mixture with a fork about once an hour.

I discovered this ice cream in Italy today.

Personal Diaries / Wheat-free in Europe
« on: September 09, 2014, 09:00:28 AM »
Hi, I have not kept a diary for a long time. I hope I will be presistent enough with documenting. For a while (some three weeks) I have been without wheat - inspired by the WB book. At first I felt like I am on withdrawal and figured that this is how an alcoholic must feel. Now it is getting better, because I am beginning to feel the positive effects. I loose weight and I feel more energetic although the latter is not true today. I still feel tired from my journey to Italy (5 week vacation), and it is exhausting to be at school full-time, but I had wanted it.  ;D

In Bologna, where I am staying right now, so far I have to get impression that extremely difficult to eat at a restaurant, but I was pleased that grocery stores offer Kamut flour and Kamut pasta and that bakers offer Kamut bread. The wife of a nearby baker even was very interested in the WB book and wants to know the title in Italian, and another baker's wife, whom I know from last year, apparently has lost a lot of weight. I have to talk with her and find out what she did.

I am staying with an Italian family. I have only booked the nights and no meals, and that is good, because a) they are not much into cooking and b.) when they eat something, it is full of wheat. For diplomatic reasons I did not want to tell them why I am abstaining from wheat. I said "I often have headaches, and I get hunger without limitation and start having a fourth meal in the middle of the night whenever I eat wheat - so my doctor wants me to test whether I fare better without wheat". The husband of the family has a wheat belly, so I did not want to refer to the book.

General Discussion / Wheat-free or grain-free here?
« on: September 03, 2014, 01:44:49 PM »
Hi, after my initial posting I somehow got the impression that more or less everybody here is grain-free except me.
So tell me whether you are wheat-free or grain-free?

In the back of my head I somehow sense that grain-free is the healthier of the alternatives, but I am open to change. When I think of how much I have changed in the past half year, it is a miracle anyhow.
Also I am interested in knowing which other books you read that helped you become grain-abstinent.

Introduce Yourself to the Wheat Free Forum / good morning from Germany
« on: September 01, 2014, 10:29:19 PM »
Hi, I am brandnew to the topic of freedom from wheat. Right now I am in the process of reading "the wheat belly".
I bought the book because a colleague of mine kept talking against excessive consumption of carbohydrates. The I discovered this book at a bookstore and became curious. It has been about a fortnight that I have not eaten any wheat. Since then I take about three times as much time to do my shopping, but my choices are healthier. It is just that I have to fight those battles with the inner voices. Do you know what I mean? Old habits die hard.  ;D
And regarding some products I still hope that they are wheat-free, so I have to read a lot of labels.

I am a size 14 woman, and about half a year ago I was about size 18 when I had to go through a cortisone treatment. Since I stopped eating wheat, I can already see a difference on my belly, but I do not have a scale at home, and I do not want to weigh myself. My scale used to influence my mood too much.

I sometimes have a headache, and I will keep an eye on it whether the headaces become less during my journey without wheat.

For at least three months I have been an avid user of coconut products: coconut oil, coconut cream (raw inside of the coconut - extracted without heat), coconut flour, sugar of coconut flowers.  You name it, I eat it.

Two weeks ago I started making my own bread.

This weenend I am going to Italy for five weeks to learn Italian. When I come back, I am thinking of buying a high-performance blender (Bianco Puro). The more I use natural food, the less I can tolerate to eat ready-made things. I have thrown quite some stuff into the trash can.

When I am in Italy I am not sure how often I can be online, but I am looking forward to a lively exchange of experience here. Excuse me if my English is not perfect.

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