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General Discussion / An invitation....
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:28:45 AM »
I hope this is not against some forum rules....but I want to invite you all to check out a wonderful gluten free, toxin free line of body care products! Simply the best decision I ever made to join this company!  Please let me know what you think! I would love to send you all some samples, so go to the website below, and fill out the information form, unless there is a way to do it through this forum......Thank you!!

General Discussion / Could someone please offer advice for my friend?
« on: January 03, 2017, 08:03:53 AM »
I have a friend in my dance class that I recommended WBD to about 18 months ago (when I joined the group). She wanted to lose weight. She said it was impossible for her to do, with her DH and grandchildren around.

About 6 months ago, she was having intestinal pain, and again, I recommended WBD, and she said no,the doctor told her she needed to increase FIBER, so eat whole wheat(!!!). I shook my head, and another friend backed her up....

NOW, the doctor wants to remove THREE QUARTERSof her colon!!!

I did not ask if she had gotten multiple opinions, but I will. I do not know what the Dx is.

Does anybody have any suggestions (with the admittedly limited information)? Thank you!

General Discussion / The "Other Side"
« on: November 10, 2015, 06:43:57 AM »
I 've been reading the other side, in an attempt to be more fully informed, and not come across a strange zealot who fell into some mind bending cult, or  met a nodding multilevel marketing pitcher.....

Anyway, my YouTube takes more internet than I have, so I had to go read. Dr. Michael Greger is first, and his website linked me to Atkins Hmmm..

I don't know about pregnant women and ketosis, because I am too old. The rest of his "facts" have been personally refuted(not scientific, I know).

Has anybody else  read or listened to any of this?

Success Stories / Close to a milestone....
« on: October 17, 2015, 07:16:34 AM »
We are getting close to a couple of milestones in my family!

Almost 12 months since we watched Dr. Perlmutter and his Grain Brain changed our lives. It was after reading his book that I began reading Wheat Belly, WBTH, etc. I actually read Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book first, waiting for WB to return to the library. Although it had some good information on avoiding wheat(for Celiacs) I knew a lot of her recipes and recommendations were off, since she used a LOT of GFJ(gluten free junk)!

As a family of 3, we have lost 100 lbs or more! I do not have a starting wt on my son, but all of his shirts are loose, where they used to stretch around his waist, and he is down at least 2 jean sizes. 

My son picked up this WOE on his own ( he is 29, lives with us, eats dinner here, but the rest of the meals are on his own). He started feeling WAY better after just not eating carbs at dinner that he cut them out in the rest of his meals, too.

Yesterday, my DH actually walked up the driveway to the old barn( about 1/4 mile, with a hill), and back. A year ago, this was unheard of. He would get in the truck, or tractor, and drive. Made me crazy! I am a hiker, lol! But now, he has the energy to do this, and While it is easy to credit the weightloss, I don't believe that is the real reason. The energy is Now getting to his cells.

Wheat Free Recipes / Crust less Quiche
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:28:17 PM »
Using leftover odds and ends was BIG hit tonight, so. I thought I would share..

1/2 onion, diced

1 poblano pepper, diced

5-6 mushrooms, diced

1/4 pound Italian sausage

1/4 pound hamburger meat

6 eggs

1 1/2 cups shredded Swiss cheese

Preheat the oven 375.
Sauté onions, peppers, mushrooms in a bit of olive oil. Add a little butter or ghee for flavor.season with about 1/2 teaspoon salt, and some pepper. Add the meat and brown. Drain most of the juice.  Beat the eggs with some milk or cream, mix in 1 cup of the cheese. When the veggies are fairly  tender, turn off the heat, add the egg cheese mix, stir lightly, top with a bit more cheese. If you used an oven proof pan, put the whole thing in the oven until set, and the cheese is a little brown. Slice and serve.

General Discussion / DH on WBB
« on: August 11, 2015, 08:57:23 AM »
That is my DH on today's Wheat Belly Blog!  He preaches almost everywhere he goes.....needs to be ordained, lol!!

Forgive me for not doing this sooner, please.

Hello!  I am a 56 yo woman, live in southern KY,  but Texan by birth.  I raise and train horses, and feed a couple of dogs, and 6 cats.  I love to garden, both flower and vegetable.  I have been married to the same man for 31 years.

The weekend after Thanksgiving last year, DH and I were "watching" One of our fabulous PBS stations, and Dr. Perlmutter came on, doing his Grain Brain show. I had vague recollections of him, but had never really listened. (I have a neighbor that I ride horses with who is 20 years younger, and she had given up wheat for joint pain....that was the extent of my wheat free life...)

DH was doing computer work while the show was on, and I had no idea he was listening. When the show ended, I was thinking, "How in the HECK am I going to get him to DO this?", when he looked over and said,"I'm game...". He was about 70 lbs overweight, with diabetes running strongly in his family, and him showing signs of Low blood sugar episodes.

I went to the pantry immediately. Sorted the many pastas, grain cereals, and rices into discard(open), and donate(unopened), cleaned out the freezer of frozen bread products, and never touched it again.
Then, I downloaded the book and read it.  I read Dr. Davis's books. I read his blog. When I told my wheat free neighbor, she loaned me several cookbooks. One was Well Fed, and this was the most in depth information on Paleo that I had seen, so I began to study that. (I have a science degree, and I love to study....)

Most of my life, I have had had a body image problem. I was a chubby elementary school child, the slimmed down(in hind site ), but never felt that way. When I gained weight with my pregnancy, a lot of it never left. When I discovered aerobics at a ladies only health club, I went 5 to 6 days a week, and lost 40 lbs.  When I had to give it up, the weight gradually came back. 

DH decided he wanted to lose weight, so we joined WW.  I lost 43 lbs there, hit goal weight, DH lost about 30, still 40 lbs short of his goal. He kept telling me I looked too skinny,  other people phrased it as you are NOT losing MORE, ARE YOu?? This just messed with my body image, and I put about 15 lbs on pretty quickly, then very gradually over about 6 years put the rest on.

The problem was, the ENTIRE time, I was TRYING to lose it.  I KNEW how, right?? I did it before!

I bought a BOdyBugg, thinking I MUST be lying to myself, cheating, lazy, SOMETHING .......there it was , in a lovely color printout....I took in 900 calories a day, and burned OVER 4000. Calories in, calories out, I should have lost almost A POUND A DAY, yet every time I got on the scale, it went up.
So, I took my lovely printout to my Doctor, and she agreed, something was not right, and ran blood work. (This BW turned out to not be covered by my insurance...) everything came back "normal". She wanted to run other things, but I could not afford the out of pocket expense. I accepted my lot in life, and carried on. In 2014, I had been trying to lose the 40 lbs for 11 years!

As soon as we cut the grains and sugar out, I felt better. I never had any withdrawal symptoms. In about 2 weeks, I had lost 3 inches off my waist(I had quit getting on the scale, it was too depressing, and started measuring my waist.) then, the weight started coming off. The weight , of course, was FALLING off of DH!!

I am now down 20 lbs, and continue slowly losing. The list of life improvements is WAY too long to list.
I have taken up dancing again. I can work horses all day, and not be sore and tired.

I am ashamed at my own field of I mentioned in the beginning, I have a degree in science, but what I actually have is a BS in Agriculture.....and I really think, apart from my animal studies, the BS DOES NOT stand for Bachelor of Science ANYMORE!!

Thanks for reading!!


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