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Hi all.

This Labor Day (last Monday) I had a craving for sandwiches and sugared corn flakes. I ate to my heart's content, not to much but more than usual (I am gluten intolerant and have wheat sensitivities so I do not eat much of it). Over night, I could not sleep, because my belly under my left rib was so hard and swollen and painful, that I could not sleep.

On Tuesday, I made it through the work day by not eating, just drinking to flush all that poison out. I felt dizzy, I felt like I was dying, and was sooo tired. I spent another night not sleeping, with foot cramps, and stomach pains.

On Wednesday, I ate an avocado and a banana over the course of the day - and Thursday I felt better than I had in weeks.

I told a friend about the odd experience and she recommended to read about Wheat Belly. I am on day two reading the book and am fascinated.

So here I am, eager to read and learn from others' experience.

It's good to meet y'all.


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