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General Discussion / Weight loss tips anyone please?
« on: January 23, 2016, 04:23:37 PM »
Years ago there was the 'Shape Challenge' diet - a carb counted lo carb/high protein diet plan which worked very well for me.  At the time I remember eating a lot of chicken, cheese and eggs.  Twenty years later, I need to shift the weight again but this time it's harder; the hormonal changes at this time of life, with PCOS, on anti-depressants, and not always getting a good night's sleep, all hinder any good efforts I make.  Now three weeks into the Wheat Belly diet, I've lost a few pounds but not going as quickly as I'd hoped.

Admittedly for the past few weeks I've been eating rather a lot of nuts - being a complete ignoramus, I never realised they had carbs - I thought, for some reason, they were pure protein!  So, for a start, they can go out of my desk drawer at work.

What other snack items can I have, that I can take to work with me? 

I assume those of us that are wanting to lose weight, we must consider how much fat we are eating, surely?  I mean, we can't eat lbs and lbs of butter or cheese without taking account of their calorific content?

I want to lose 90lbs - so, any help and advice in the weight loss department would be really appreciated!

Thanks  :)

Personal Diaries / It's now or never...
« on: January 04, 2016, 12:22:32 PM »
I don't know why I've always had a weight problem - when I was a little kid I was always chubby - was it because Mum used to say to me, 'You won't get any dessert if you don't eat your main meal!'  I don't know, but from the time I can remember I've always been watching my weight, usually watching it going up and up.  When I was in my early 20s I came across the 'Shape Challenge', a point based lo-carb diet which proved extremely successful for me and I lost much weight.  But then I went back to my old habits of bingeing on full-filling, satiating carbs - bread, pasta, chips, cookies and back to square one.

Having therefore recently finished reading Wheat Belly I know that it's time.  Time to make changes, once and for all.  I'm 50 this year and besides wanting to travel to meet members of my hubby's family for the first time and don't want to be the 'fat aunt', I want to improve my health.  If it doesn't happen this year then it probably never will and that thought depresses me greatly.

Onwards - day one.  (I need to do a good shop to have all my ingredients but I'm keeping it simple until then.)

Breakfast - not good at this unless it's the weekend - would rather sleep an extra hour than eat, but once I got to work I had a coffee and a few walnuts.

Lunch - bought some mozzarella cheese, basil, tomatoes, avocados, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and had a delicious caprese salad.  Didn't miss the bread to mop up the sauce one little bit.

Another coffee.

Dinner - boiled chicken breast and leg, with cabbage, cauliflower and carrot, with a couple of small pieces of butter over the top of the veg.

Will probably have a yoghurt for dessert until I get the chocolate :-)

What I can't understand is why it's okay to have fat?  What's the science behind this?  Not that I'm complaining, I mean, I love olive oil and butter, and the knowledge that I can have cheese is very exciting.. ;-)

I think I need to do a weekly menu soon. 

Day one over n out.

Introduce Yourself to the Wheat Free Forum / Another newbie here!
« on: January 04, 2016, 11:59:25 AM »
Hi there,

I'm from London, UK, and just finished the book.  Having been on lo-carb diets before with success, I know it all makes complete sense.  My only problem when I've always reached my goal weight is that I go back to bad habits and on goes back all the weight.  Being 50 this year I need to get a grip and lose the weight again but this time to make it a way of life, not just for a few months or so.

I hope to find lots of inspiration on this forum, and to share ups and downs with everyone.                                   

So today was day one. So far so good! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day :-)

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