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Personal Diaries / Starting a New Journey
« on: May 14, 2018, 12:06:59 PM »
Having recently finished reading and re-reading Dr. Davis' WB book, I'm beginning my journey to a glueten-wheat-grain free lifestyle.  Although kinda late in life to begin (68) I'm assuming that beginning late is better than not trying at all.  My biggest fear in life is becoming a blind, amputee on dialysis with pending Alzheimers.

After reading the book and looking back, I strongly suspect that many of my past medical issues were related to my consumption of G-W-G's.  This is especially telling since for the last 60 years, I never met a carb or grain that I didn't love.  My diet was probably 75% or more carbs.

I have already begun eliminating obvious sources of G-W-G and feel better already.  Once I have this elimination process under control, I'll start eliminating the not-so obvious sources.

I'm hoping that both my health and weight will be positively effected by this dietary change.

Advice is always welcome.

PS - I'm super excited about this change in my life!

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