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Food Elements / ? wheat free/gluten free
« on: October 26, 2013, 08:30:22 PM »
I am just starting this reading Wheat Belly (just started as well)... saw a post on here that mentioned gluten free is not necessarily wheat am confused
Can someone clarify in a nutshell as I haven't come across information on this yet

Introduce Yourself to the Wheat Free Forum / Just starting
« on: October 26, 2013, 07:56:22 PM »
Hello Everyone!
Haven't really thought to much about gluten intolerance or how wheat affects us until just recently.  My husband had some health issues last fall...extremely high blood pressure...thought it was heart related, did all the tests and only 1 blockage 15%.  Attributed his 214/160 bp to anxiety, stress and sleep apnea.  Fast forward 1 year later and blood pressure is under control with meds (switched 1 time) and anti anxiety and heart rate meds.  We are still battleing the following symptoms: Bloaty/gassy belly, frequent loose stools, acid reflux,  fatigue, lethargy, anxiety(to a degree, not as bad as before), dizziness, brain fog...hmm, what do all those symptoms lead to?
Just recently read and article and told him I thought he had a gluten intolerance.  Had him start by eating more salads, if he does eat out don't eat the bun, switched to baked potatoes instead of instant mashed...he said after 1-1/2 weeks he feels a difference.  We talked with our chiro (who is a kiniseologist sp??) and he tested him for intolerance to wheat and said he was.
Just got my Wheat Belly and Grain Brain books....very interesting!!  So, today went grocery shopping, got some of the new flours...looking at new recipes and we are ready to start changing our lives.  I have lost 65 lbs doing a boot camp and watching what I eat but have gained 25 back over the last couple of months.  This will be the kick start I need to kick it back in gear. 
However, I love my bread so am hoping I can find some good recipes to help the transition.
We are 49 this year and have been married 29 years.  We have a 25 year old daughter, 19 year old son, 2 beagles and 2 cats.  We own a plumbing company so life is never dull - plus I work outside the home 45+ hours. 
Looking forward to reading the forums, finishing reading the books and starting a hopefully new chapter where we feel great again!

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