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Introduce Yourself to the Wheat Free Forum / Re: My fibromyalgia
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:30:24 AM »
Rita: what is noni? Never heard of it.
Been trying turmeric here & there (love it on scrambled eggs) & find that it does help with pain. Haven't used ginger yet, except to help with an upset stomach, which is a rare thing with me anyway.

Have had fibro for years, & since doing wheat belly, find that most of the pain has been nearly gone since then. Happy about that. Won't say it's a "cure", but results like this are better than nothing. I'll take what I can get, lol.


Wheat Free Recipes / Re: FauxKanto: Copycat Lakanto sweetener!
« on: August 17, 2016, 10:11:58 AM »
What is Lakanto sweetener? Never heard of this one before.

General Discussion / Re: Biotin
« on: August 15, 2016, 03:55:42 PM »
Ditto to Bob Nyland.  Good info. Will see what the results are once I find it & report back on it.

General Discussion / Biotin
« on: August 13, 2016, 12:38:07 PM »
Hello, everyone:
  Been quite awhile since I've visited. Have a really full calendar this summer.

  Anyone out there with a knowledge of biotin? What ingredients in it to avoid, & has anyone experienced an improvement with hair growth, & especially split fingernails? Would like to try this as my fingernails are splitting up so badly, that they look like I chew them (I don't do that at all). Hair is thinning out too.

  Read somewhere in Dr. Davis blog, or whatever just once that there was a woman that commented about something that she was taking for these conditions, & it helped her tremendously. Unfortunately, I don't know where this comment was among the things that Dr. Davis has, (& you have to be a member of, which I am not). Anyway, she also mentioned how old she was, & she was only around 5 years younger than I am.

  Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank You

General Discussion / Re: New GMO apple to hit the market. :(
« on: June 12, 2016, 01:35:33 PM »
  I have a few thoughts on your note of the 9th. 
  Not many revolts any longer. There are too many Americans that don't think for themselves any longer, thus they can be led like so many sheep to the slaughter.
  There are so many things that I disagree with, among them: the FDA & "Big Pharma". Don't trust either one of these outfits, period. Bet you that either one or both of these outfits have a hand in what goes on around us, all boiling down to one thing, & one thing only: MONEY.
  As you mentioned, even the 3rd world countries don't allow GMO's, as does most of Europe.

General Discussion / Re: Sweeteners
« on: June 12, 2016, 01:13:50 PM »
  We must be cut from the same cloth regarding tea. While I don't drink tea regularly, but whenever I do, it has to be sweetened to remove the bitter taste from the tannins in it.
  Dr. Davis has mentioned a sweetener called Monk Fruit (luo han guo), found on Pg. 9 in the 30-Minute (Or Less!) Cookbook. He doesn't say it comes in a powdered form, but "Skinny Girl" brand has a liquid form of this in a 1.68 oz. bottle. One squeeze sweetens like 1 tsp. of sugar. There isn't any aftertaste, either.
  Ingredients are: Water, Monk Fruit Extract, Malic Acid, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), & Potassium Benzoate (Preservative).
  I'm going to say that no, I haven't checked out these ingredients to see if any are detrimental to one's health or not. I rarely drink tea to begin with as it is.
  "Skinny Girl" also has a liquid Stevia in small bottles as well. On the few times I've used it, there weren't any aftertastes noted.
  This can be found in some grocery stores among the other sweeteners.
  There is also a website at SKINNYGIRLSWEETENERS.COM    Not shouting here. The address is in all caps on the bottle. 

Food Elements / Re: Gourmet Girl Cooks
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:54:16 PM »
GG has lost her mother, which affected her greatly. She's been trying to get back  into the groove & her son has a hand into this.  Doesn't publish new recipes too often, but.....I suspect that she may be involved in putting together a cook book as well.

General Discussion / Re: Sweeteners
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:38:28 PM »
When it comes to salt & sweeteners, I have found that my sensitivity to both of these things has increased so much to the point that I have to decrease amounts in a lot of recipes because the original amounts are too much for me. That's a good thing, though.
I've been cutting down on the salt tremendously, and have been checking out other things to substitute with for flavor. One of them is "Mrs. Dash" spice blends. No MSG, no soy, & good flavors, esp. the garlic & onion herb blends.
Have just attained a 40# loss, but w/difficulty of gaining off & on. Figured out that it's water weight, so decided to cut out the salt completely & see if that will make a difference.
Now, as long as I'm here, going to ask all of you about using sweeteners on rhubarb. As we all know, rhubarb needs some sort of sweetener to make it palatable. Have any of you used "Swerve" as a sweetener for rhubarb, & how did it turn out? Thinking of cooking it either in a slow cooker or a Nesco, as I have a ceramic cooktop stove. You cannot use enamel pans on the surface, & metal will react with rhubarb, causing it to pit the metal; so using a slow cooker or a Nesco which has a non-reactive porcelain inset is the only way to accomplish cooking the rhubarb for me. (Went to the farmer's market yesterday & bought 3 huge bunches of this stuff. Once made, I will freeze it, using the "Food Saver" & freeze it.
Anyone have any suggestions or advice?  Much appreciate it. Will check back in a few days. Thanks.

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Tumeric Tea (anti-inflammatory)
« on: May 26, 2016, 04:36:30 PM »
  Hmm, didn't know it could be found by the ginger in the produce dept. Will have to look for it. Also have a small jar of turmeric root powder in the spice rack, which is from Penzey's.
  Never have bought fresh ginger, either. How do you store it? In the refrigerator, or do you chop/dice it up & put it in the freezer?
  Thanks for the comments & info.

Wheat Free Recipes / Tumeric Tea (anti-inflammatory)
« on: May 26, 2016, 01:35:24 PM »
Rita posted this back in March of 2014. Would like to know if anyone has been helped by using this on a daily basis?
Also heard that lemon juice can be used with this, but don't know how much to put into the recipe. Anyone try this also?
Thanks for any info from anyone.

General Discussion / Re: The Truth About Cancer
« on: April 17, 2016, 12:31:39 PM »
If any of you got this far in this area here after reading the discussions on introducing yourself, this is where the post I mentioned is.

So glad to be able to return here. There is such a wealth of information on this forum, and all of it is very useful.

Greetings, everyone:
  Not knowing too much about those IP's, it's probably what happened to Suzanne & me. Suzanne, do you live in WI? I live in the north central part of the state, & if you live in WI also, maybe we are in areas where IP's are vulnerable to misbehaving?
  Was totally surprised that so many of you know about the cancer series. I haven't been able to watch any of it, & sitting down for a full 2 hours w/o interruption would be a pretty impossible feat for me to do. Someone has mentioned it was opened up again, for 1 more chance to order that includes the disks. Will try that before it goes off; otherwise,  I'll end up waiting until October.
  I know that this isn't the general discussion area, so I'm going down there now to post something for everyone there. Please take a look when you are browsing around this forum.

Welcome, Soggy.
Have fallen off the wagon at times, & like you, paid for it. Sorry, if anyone out there think this WOE is just a fad (including Dr's). This does work, & when it helps so many medical issues, you KNOW it works! My own Dr. likes what the blood tests & weight loss show.

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Rye-like Rolls
« on: April 11, 2016, 12:46:42 PM »

BarbinNC: Not trying to "rain on your parade" by any means here. Just giving suggestions for other sources for this type of bread here, that's all.

In case anyone is interested, there are other sources for this type of bread, neither of which I have tried myself, so don't know how well these bake up. There's probably many other "rye" type breads out there. It's just a matter of picking & choosing to see what you & your family members will like.

Wheat Belly 150 recipes book, by Dr. Davis on page 226: Rye Bread

Also, has 3 different types of "Rye" Bread on her blog.
I've used many of her recipes, which she bakes herself (some a few times over, in different ways until she's satisfied herself as to how they turn out), and have never been disappointed with any of them.

Many public libraries now carry Dr. Davis's books, so no need to buy one just for a recipe or two. Fair warning: you may have to reserve one from the library....they're popular books.

  Nope, have had this computer since before joining here. Same printer as well until 2 months ago, but that shouldn't have anything to do with this situation.
  It was a shock to say the least when it happened. Said I had no authority to access the forum. Tried for about a week to get in, & then gave up. Really felt bad not being here. So, I guess it was some kind of a glitch somewhere. Barb in NJ mentioned that a few others had this problem as well.
  It's a dilemma for sure.

Rita? Would you happen to know the answer to this? Been wondering for a long time.

General Discussion / Re: Meat-O-Mat
« on: April 07, 2016, 10:23:27 AM »
Um, not sure about this. Sounds iffy....too many things not thought through. One commenter pointed out from the pictures that the men with beards were not wearing any face masks. I didn't notice gloves on their hands either. These 2 things alone would not pass inspection in my state.


Hi, I can't believe that I'm here again. Don't know what happened last fall (2015), but the Forum would not allow me to access it. Figured maybe it was because I wasn't using Windows10?

No matter, I hope this doesn't happen again, as I really missed all of you!

Have a lot of catching up to do, so will take a look around. Have a great day, everyone!


Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Fresh Tomato Basil and Cream Zoodle Sauce
« on: August 22, 2015, 03:21:40 PM »
Barb, have you tried this recipe using spaghetti squash? Bet it would be good on them also.

Food Elements / Re: New at this...Have a question
« on: August 05, 2015, 10:16:05 AM »
re: ... E.D. Smith No sugar added syrup (sweetened with sucralose"? Is this ok?

Not really. The sucralose alone disqualifies it (gut biome antagonist). Sucralose was removed from the WB list of approved alternative sweeteners a couple of years ago.

It's "no sugar added" and not "sugar free". The concentrated white grape juice is basically just a sugar with a misleading description.

Several other ingredients would require more research than the product merits, including: tartaric acid, sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and sodium hexametaphosphate.

The "caramel colour, natural and artificial flavours" could be anything.

May I suggest Nature's Hollow sugar free syrups.

Bob: I just looked at the natureshollow site on the sugar free syrups. They use xylitol as the sweetener. What disturbs me is the fact that they don't carry a warning about the fact that this stuff is fatal to animals, especially dogs.

Drop a piece of pancake on the floor, & Fido gulps it down (some animals like sweet stuff) in a hurry like they do, and it doesn't take much xylitol to do it's deadly deed.

Recently, there was a news article about a dog that was given a piece of chewing gum (dumb idea to begin with) that had xylitol as the sweetener in it. The dog died from it shortly thereafter. Sad, & the owners were not aware of what xylitol does to animals.     

Food Elements / Re: Gourmet Girl Cooks
« on: August 04, 2015, 12:53:25 PM »
Me again, lol.
  Returned from a short trip of my own recently, and her blog is up & running again.
  She went on a trip to Alaska. Was worried for a bit there, as her recipes are good.
  Also see that she is finally planning to put out a cookbook, but at this point, doesn't have a date for it. I'm sure she will announce it when it is available.
  As for responses, my experience has been nil. I try to comment, but it never shows up anymore, so somewhere, there is a glitch of some sort. When I first found the blog, the comment thingy worked, but it no longer does. She doesn't answer her emails either. Probably isn't able to. If I had as many irons in the fire as she does, I wouldn't be able to answer emails either.

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Cauliflower Risotto in Creamy Pesto Sauce
« on: August 04, 2015, 11:58:40 AM »
Oh my stars, Barb! This looks just scrumptious! Thank you for posting this.
  There will be some cauliflower in the grocery cart the next time I hit the store.
  Did you get the "riced" cauliflower, or did you just cook or steam a head of cauliflower? Would one head be enough for this? There isn't a TJ near us, so a full head of cauliflower would have to be made.

Lynda (Fl): Told my s-i-l about this, & she said that she did this too. Evidently, doing this isn't uncommon, lol.

Just did another "good one" last week.
It was "bill paying day" at our house. Moi has to write all of the checks out & get them down to the post office.

Somehow, I was running late that day, & the post office closes at 3 pm. When I returned home after mailing the checks, I retuned to the kitchen table in order to put the car keys inside my purse. Then.....I glanced down at the table, and there was the check I had written down for the bill.....didn't put it into the envelope & mailed it with a stamp on it too. Those on the receiving end were probably wondering "what the heck is going on here?"

I gave said company a quick call to let them know what happened. Color me red!!

Here it is:

Don't know why the above didn't turn into a link. Copied it correctly too.

Rita, please try this & see if a link comes up for you. Thank you.

Whoops! Sorry I didn't give that out. Will get for you soon.

General Discussion / Re: Observations from my Europe trip
« on: July 06, 2015, 02:54:38 PM »
Bet it's the chemicals. Europe is way ahead of us in food safety.

Stumbled on this site while looking to see what was in Veg-Sal. Going to see if I can create my own mixture for a safer one.

Anyone out there have a recipe for something similar to this one?

Bad idea. I want to know where everything comes from, including the vegetables.

General Discussion / Re: Egg Rationing Official
« on: July 02, 2015, 11:48:26 AM »
I understand, which is why I cut them out......I have not found an almond flour bread recipe yet!

You will find many "bread" recipes right here on the Internet. Dr. Wm. Davis has recipes in his books. has many types of "bread" recipes on her blog, & I highly recommend them. One of them is her black pepper chedder biscuits. Those even passed the Hubby test, & that's something I listen to.
You won't find yeast in any of the bread recipes, because it isn't used with almond flour at all.
Good luck to you, and welcome.

General Discussion / Re: Egg Rationing Official
« on: June 28, 2015, 08:25:33 AM »
  Just curious: You must be one of the lucky ones that don't miss eating bread made with grains.
  WB WOE recipe's use a lot of eggs in their "bread" recipe's.

Food Elements / Re: MCT Oil
« on: May 30, 2015, 12:29:10 PM »
  Thank you for posting the link on the MCT oil. Have seen this on the store shelves here & there. Next time I do, will read the label just to see what it says.
  Geez Louise, the food crooks seem to be everywhere!!

Food Elements / Re: Gourmet Girl Cooks
« on: May 30, 2015, 10:12:25 AM »
Did get a blog from her yesterday after posting here. She posted a recipe & another group of recipes like she's been doing recently. Said there would be a new recipe today (5/30/15), but there isn't one yet. 

Like BarbinNC has mentioned, she does work full time, so the new recipe probably will show up sometime this evening. I enjoy her site a lot also, and often wonder how she does it all. That's why I thought "burnout". Bet she's taking pauses here so that this doesn't happen to her.

Will see what happens.

Food Elements / Re: New at this...Have a question
« on: May 28, 2015, 02:42:41 PM »
Welcome, Samantha:
  Headaches are an awful pain to have. Mine aren't migraines, but they are terrible when they show up. On a chance, I was having a conversation with some lady in a grocery store, and she brought up something rather interesting.
  She mentioned that if one becomes dehydrated, that can bring on a severe headache. She said to try drinking more water (I don't care to drink water, never did); but the next time there was a headache, I took her advice, just to see if that would help. Lo & behold, it did help. After drinking some ice water, 30 minutes or so, the headache was nearly gone. Another 30 minutes, it was entirely gone! So far, I have tried this twice already, both times, the headache was gone. Cheap remedy, if I may say so. No pills whatsoever, just ice & water. 
  This may or may not work for everyone, but it's worth a try. Can't hurt. 

Food Elements / Gourmet Girl Cooks
« on: May 28, 2015, 02:26:28 PM »
Just wondering if anyone has noticed that GG hasn't been very active at her site. I subscribe to it, and not much is coming through the emails, & much is being taken from things that have already been done; she's been "regrouping" some of them together, such as her favorite Mexican recipes, etc.

Also, if anyone has noticed, the replies from people are gone, she hasn't been answering any mails, either. So, that tells me that "something" has happened. Maybe, she's just suffering from a "burnout", which wouldn't surprise me at all. Those recipes take time to make, & if they don't work out the 1st time, she usually keeps trying until they do work.

I miss her recipes & wit. Hope things, whatever they may be, resolve for her soon.

Introduce Yourself to the Wheat Free Forum / Re: A tartan hello
« on: May 28, 2015, 02:13:30 PM »
Hello, Deena:
  As a fibro person myself, I know what you are experiencing. So, welcome! You came to the right place, & will learn much as you go along.
  Sometimes, we lose the inches first. I did. The weight loss will follow.
  If you are able to, get Dr. Davis's books, at least the 1st 3 anyway. Good guides, good recipes. Online, you will find others.
  Again, Welcome!

Re: On vaccinations: Another one besides polio & smallpox, you can add chickenpox. Thought I read somewhere that there is now a vaccination for chickenpox.

Many adults in later years develop "shingles" from having had chickenpox as a kid. My husband, his sister & me all have had shingles. It can repeat itself for whatever reason. My s-i-l had a pretty severe case of it, & has huge scars on her body from it. Thankfully, it didn't reach her face where it can lodge in the eyes.

There is a vaccine for shingles now, but at our hospital clinic, there were posters on the walls of all the private rooms (where you see your Dr.) and there was a warning not to have the vaccine if you are allergic to a popular ointment called Neosporin, made by Johnson & Johnson.

All of us that had the shingles are allergic to Neosporin. One of the nurses that I have met at the hospital clinic told me that this stuff is just about at the top of the allergy list. (Why is it still on the market, then?) After using it we all developed a red ring around wherever it was applied, and the center of the wound became infected & filled with pus. A couple of times of that, the Neosporin was thrown away. I reported it to the manufacturer, & they wanted to know what my reaction was. Told them, but they must not get enough complaints to look into it & find out why it is an allergen.

The chickenpox "germ" lays dormant in the body forever once you've had an outbreak of the chickenpox. Unlike many childhood diseases, this one doesn't give you any immunity from getting it again once you have had it. It resurfaces as "shingles" instead. Sadly, there are those of us that cannot have the shingles vaccine because of the allergy factor.

General Discussion / Re: exercise triggering "binge" help please
« on: May 09, 2015, 10:49:58 AM »
L-Glutamine supplements often stops the cravings for many people. 

Where can one find L-Glutamine supplements?

Just made these last night they were awesome! Passed the Hubby test w/flying colors.

I did have to make a substitute for the roasted garlic seasoning (available at Penzeys Spices, but it may be at your local grocery store also. I didn't know until yesterday that there was such a thing as roasted garlic seasoning; looked it up in the recently sent Penzeys catalog, & this is a new one that's available).

Personal preference: Next time this is made, I will add 1/4th tsp. coarse grind black pepper to the mixture. Sprinkled this on top of the tuna cake while eating it, & the pepper added a nice touch to the taste.
The Recipe is very easy as the link below indicates. Give this one a try.


General Discussion / Re: Shampoo
« on: April 26, 2015, 09:46:12 PM »
Funny, Triclosan wasn't even mentioned in this article. J & J also had this stuff in their baby shampoo as well. They did say that it was supposed to be in the process of having this removed from the shampoo as well. Triclosan is in so many things that it's difficult to trace or keep up with.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

General Discussion / Re: Wheat Belly Cruise
« on: April 26, 2015, 09:25:16 PM »
Jan: How did you learn about this cruise?

General Discussion / Re: WFF Expense
« on: April 19, 2015, 04:13:55 PM »
 I don't have "Pay Pal" & would rather make a direct donation to you. Is there a way to do this?  If you don't wish to go public on this, please list an address that you can send to all of us on this forum, if possible. I don't know if you have our e-mail addresses from those that are registered to this forum, but that would be another way to let us know where to send donations w/o using pay pal.
  Leery of Pay Pal because it has been hacked at least once that I know of. Any site can be hacked, but if there's any way around this, it would be best for all.

General Discussion / Re: Zero Carb Interview
« on: April 19, 2015, 03:59:07 PM »
Good points, Barb

Hello, Elsa:
  Both Barbara from NJ & Redhead65 gave you good pointers.
  If you want to turn things around, first, I would explain to DH that you want to return to this WOE (Way Of Eating) and ask for his support in your endeavor. Whether or not he wants to join you or not isn't important right now, as he may not need to lose weight. If he doesn't need to lose weight, then you will need to cook differently for both of you, but there isn't any reason that you should have to do both 100% differently. Use recipes that can accommodate both of you from time to time, along with portion control.
  If your pantry has a lot of no-no's for you that are just plain too tempting, it's time to clear them out, if they are not expired, donate them to a food pantry, or put them into one of those barrels at the stores that have them specifically for food donations.
  For ideas on how to cook, I suggest purchasing 3 of Dr. Davis's books (If you don't already have them): (1) Wheat Belly, (2) Wheat Belly Cookbook, and (3) Wheat Belly 30 (minute or less) Cookbook. Unfortunately, these have not shown up in any libraries that I know of. Even today, I refer to his 1st book to refresh my mind, & to keep on track.
  Don't be discouraged if you don't lose weight at breakneck speed. No one is the same; some have good results quickly, others don't. It works that way for any food program, no matter what's involved with it. Remember, we all are different unto our own unique way.
  I am getting thisclose to the 50# mark myself, & feel good about that, no matter how long it took me to reach this level. Believe it or not, I still have clothes packed away that I should bring out, because nothing fits me anymore. Due to being busy taking care of my DH with his various health issues, I haven't been able to get at that stuff to put into the closet & clear out the things that I drown in.
  Another huge help are the appendixes at the back of his (Dr. Davis) books. Some of them are sites on the Internet. One that isn't mentioned is "Gourmet Girl Cooks", and "All Day I Dream about food". Once you have gotten the WB WOE down pat, you can also go through books or Internet sites on Paleo recipes to help. Their recipes often use grains that we should avoid, so be discretionary when you look through Paleo recipes. There are many that we can use, but be sure to pay attention to the ingredients above all.
  Elsa. you've come to the right place for encouragement and ideas. Good luck with the endeavor to use this WOE for your health and well-being!
  Trust me, the cravings will go away eventually.


BarbinNC & Deanna in AR:

Thanks to both of you for supplying those links. Both have a wealth of information in them. Just found out yesterday that DH has a yeast infection inside of a wound on his body (via a culture sent to a lab). Said it was a yeast infection, but isn't candida also a yeast infection?
He's been fighting this since Dec., 2014, & it's time to fight back. Both of these methods combined with the prescription that he has to take for 2 weeks may help.

Wheat Free Recipes / Cream of anything soup recipes
« on: March 17, 2015, 08:51:45 AM »
Anyone here know how to make a cream of anything soup? Need to know what you use for a thickener (type of flour-flaxseed, coconut, etc.) besides using an immersion blender to pulverize the vegetables into a thick puree & then adding the broth, milk, etc. to thin that down into a soup.

I'd like to use this to toss browned meat into a slow cooker along with vegetables on the bottom, & pour the homemade soup over the top & then cook it for those busy days that don't leave any time to be at the stove.

Suggestions/recipes greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Food Elements / Re: Peanut Butter, Legumes
« on: March 09, 2015, 11:55:03 AM »
Linda R. :

Thank you for the list of sites that you use for recipes. I randomly picked one, and looked at what was there. Excellent site! Will eventually look at all of them.

Have decided that it's time for me to put the recipes that have accumulated into a 3-ring binder for myself & organize it with categories so that they can be found easily.

So glad that that there is much to choose from, now that this WOE has caught on. Makes things easier to do in the kitchen for sure.

Food Elements / Low Carb Basics: Baking with Coconut Flour
« on: March 08, 2015, 06:03:09 PM »
Found this on All Day I Dream About Food. Very Informative. Hope the link works for everyone.

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: A couple of keepers
« on: March 08, 2015, 11:52:12 AM »
Note to those that try this recipe:

Read among the comments that a cookie sheet should be used when baking this. The cheesecake pans (any brand) leak out enough oil in some cases & can cause a fire. It didn't say whether to put the pan on the cookie sheet, or on a rack below it. I assume that one would put it on the cookie sheet itself, & to use one with a very low rim around the sides.

If I make this, I probably will substitute the macadamia nuts as well. Pecans sound good, but around here, they are also very pricey.

Wheat Free Recipes / Re: Protein Noodle Lasagna
« on: March 08, 2015, 11:04:29 AM »
Thanks for posting this. Looks like it would be worth trying out.

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