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General Discussion / Re: Should you be on a ketogenic diet long term?
« on: October 10, 2018, 02:31:25 AM »
For those who prefer to read, there's a full transcript at the WB blog posting of that video.
The way I convey the message is: do chronic keto only if it's the most benign treatment for a chronic condition (but mind the gut flora in any case).
Chronic keto does not appear to be an ancestral diet.
KD is a tool in the Undoctored/WB box for short term use for various reasons. It's clearly a human adaptation for most genotypes, although most likely experienced in the wild as periods of involuntary fasting than as periods of fat-as-only-food.
Chronic keto is a current food fad. In addition to the microbiome concerns, I have to wonder if people doing it are fully informed on key micronutrients to mind (D3, I, Mg), or even optimal fat choices.
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It was definitely a psychological response to the diet.

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